Paradise on the Dash Board Light!  

macker1965 60M/42F
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5/2/2006 11:57 am

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5/6/2006 1:19 am

Paradise on the Dash Board Light!

"Stop right there,
before we go any further
do you love, will you neve leave me
will you make me so happy for the rest of my live
will you take me away will you make me your wife
I gotta know right now, before we go any further
do you love me, will you love me forever.

What's it gonna be boy, yes or no,
what's it gonna be?


I couldn't take it any longer
O Lord I was crazed
and then the feeling came upon me like a tidle wave
So I swore upon my honour and my mother's grave
that I would love her till the end of time

So now I'm waiting for the end of time
to hurry up and arrive
Cause if I have to spend another minute with you
I don't think that I could really survive
I wouldn't break my promise or forget my vow
but God only knows what I can do right now
I'm waiting for the end of time
that's all that I can do
I'm waiting for the end of time
so I can end my time with you.

It was long ago and it was far away
And it was so much better than it is today"

Extract from Meatloaf song (excuse the mis quotes).

So folks have any of you ever made a spontaneous decision that you've regretted ever since?

Have any you ever seen "Paradise on the Dash Board Light" only to realise afterwards that it wasn't paradise after all?

Macker has. Some decision were easily remedied. Others not so.

However Macker's philosophy, unlike Meatloaf's, is not to wait for the end of time but to take the decisions, sometimes hard decisions, sometimes decisions that will impact on innocent parties, but take the decision sooner rather than later.


HBowt2 58F

5/2/2006 4:34 pm

I love Meatloaf....OMG...i didn't mean to tell you just kinda happened....

macker1965 replies on 5/3/2006 12:31 pm:

Stop right there, before we go any further!


caressmewell 53F

5/3/2006 3:34 pm

Yep...more than once unfortunately.

macker1965 replies on 5/3/2006 5:22 pm:

Nice to know I have company, and such nice company


saddletrampsk 54F

5/3/2006 3:36 pm

This song is yet another example of how men think with the wrong head..

Geez..I love singing along to this one..

macker1965 replies on 5/3/2006 5:28 pm:

Yep, I've been guilty of thinking with the wrong head many times and I usually make the wrong decision with it when it's somewhere between the ears

I love singing along to it aswell, usually when I'm driving along


jjsunshines 58F
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5/3/2006 8:47 pm

I recently made a very wrong decision...and me heart is paying dearly for it.... do I regret it? I say no....for I walk as a wiser woman now....I like to think that one makes their decisions based on their own reality and dreams...and it has nothing to do with me...tis not me fault.... so I hold me memories close never to forget what I have learned....nor regret
Always smiling so fondly at ye Macker....and once again ye words have taken me deep

macker1965 replies on 5/3/2006 11:40 pm:

No Regrets! as the Walker Brothers would have said!

A good philosophy and I agree it's important that we learn from every 'mistake'.

Thanks for dropping by.


shar1 55F
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5/5/2006 4:39 am

Yes.. Have made some not so right decisions in my life, however at the time they seemed right. Life is too short for regrets, so I look at the lessons learnt and hope to move on.

When people know better they do better.

macker1965 replies on 5/5/2006 5:58 am:

Good philosophy


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