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Wrote a Blogs a few days ago called "When Sex & Love Collide". It was a bit long-winded but was really just my thoughts that in addition to the sex it's nice to also feel some affection & emotion (if only fleeting) for the person your with. Got me thinking! What sort of person am I? Am I a Naughty (Bad)person or a Nice person? So thought I'd do some self analysis & jot down some of my Naughty and Nice characteristics.

- love sex & think about almost all the time
-f I don't have the company of a sensual, willing, sexy woman, I just masterbate & usually two or three time per day.
-: I love watching porn movies: hard, soft, Anal, Cum, Kinky, Lesbian, whatever.
-: O but do I love to FUCK. I love to FUCK hard, soft, kinky, rough (but no pain)
-: I love to CUM in a woman's mouth, watch it squirt onto her tongue & wipe any cum on her chin back into her mouth bofore she takes my Cock whole & sucks off every last drop.
-: I love to CUM on her TITS and wipe my CUM all over her TITS ...\8
-: I love to FUCK her doggy stile & look down & admire my Hard Cock go in & out of her PUSSY or ASS.
-: I love to Suck her Clit & Wet Pussy and LICK all the juices off her succulent CUNT
-: I love to make her CUM and see her body reathing & heaving her WET PUSSY hard up into my mouth.
-: I love to lick her ASS & stick my tongue in.
-: I love to explore every inch of her Body & Kiss, Lick & Suck her all over.
-: I love to watch her masturbate herself in from of me & CUM uncontrollably
-: I love her to watch me masturbate & gently fondle my HARD BALLS & COCK as I Squirt off my cum & she gently puts her hand down and rubs my cum all over my cock & balls
-: I'd love to have sex with more than one woman at a time
-: I'd love to have group/orgy sex
-: I'd love to watch two women having sex
-: I'd love to watch another man & woman having sex.

-: I like to be nice to people, smile, say hello, treat them well & with respect
-: I'm the type who would stop the car to help someone accross the road, or help a little old lady park the car which I did just last week.
-: When I make love to someone I like to treat them with respect and dignity.
-: I like to treat my staff well & with respect
-: I hate racism, sectarianism and bigotry.
-: I love my kids, tell them so often, kiss & hug them as often as I can
-: I like watching kids movies like Harry Potter, Shrek, Pete's Dragon etc.
-: I love Christmas & giving presents.
-: I detest violance.

So am I NAUGHTY or NICE? Or should I just accept that I'm NAUGHTY and NICE

Can we be Good & Bad the same time or is it that our Definition of Whats NAUGHTY is dictated by NORMS imposed on us by society that very often has it's value sets completely Fucked Up.

Be interested to hear what other AdultFriendFinder friends think.

Sorry, Macker is getting Heavy Again. Promise to lighten it with the next BLOG.

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

12/5/2005 2:06 pm

christ............ Macker!!!

I need a english degree to take this in ...........

You know your naughty
you know your nice
you know your sexy
end of story

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