Log Cabin, Log Fire, Sex & Satin Sheets!  

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Log Cabin, Log Fire, Sex & Satin Sheets!

We’d planned a quiet weekend together. I’d always wanted to spend a weekend there, with a beautiful woman, a special woman, a woman who would appreciate the beauty that was all around us. Was just waiting on the right person.

We arrived around 3 in the afternoon. We checked in at the Lodge, booked a table for dinner at eight & collected the key to our log cabin. They were expecting us and the cabin was prepared; flowers everywhere, scented candles positioned around the living area, a bottle of champagne chilling and log fire blazing; all just as I’d arranged.

We just through our cases on the bed, changed quickly and went for a walk through the woods, stopping occasionally to admire the view down over the bay. We’d been bowled over by the scenery on the way over from the airport. This was a part of the world I knew well but it was her first time to visit. Mountains, valleys, rivers and then the sea. All that is naturally beautiful in one magical location.

We had a quick short walk. We just wanted to breath in that fresh air, get a feel for the beauty of our surroundings and shake off the cobwebs of the journey. It was a short, brisk walk. When we got back to the cabin we both felt flushed and needed to shower. I was tempted to suggest we shower together but we had the whole weekend; it was our first time alone together and I wanted to take things slowly. Hope she understood that and didn’t think I was having second thoughts!

She showered first and pulled on a silk dressing gown. When I finished showering I found her sitting in front of the fire, just staring at the flames and noticed the reflection of the flames shimmering against her skin; lighting up her already bright complexion. I don’t wear pj’s and didn’t bring a dressing gown, so I had just pulled one of the satin sheets off the bed and wrapped it around me.

I corked the champagne and we toasted the beauty of our surroundings and our first evening together. We moved to the window from where we could look down into the bay. It was getting dark but we could just see the lights from the fishing vessels coming into to land their catches. It was full tide and we guessed that the boats were returning from a day at sea. We could also see the distant light of the little local village, Lenane, who’s only claim to fame (apart from the naturally beauty surrounding it) was the fact that the pub scene from the film “The Field” was shot in one of the two local village pubs.

As we stood at the window I stood behind her, my arms around her waste and our cheeks touched. I was aroused and I knew she could feel my arousal, it was bulging through the satin sheet and pushing gently between her soft buttocks. As it became harder she gently turned , looked at me and smiled. I could have taken her there and then, you know, one of those moments where foreplay isn’t necessary and where you both just want to fuck each other senseless, uncontrollably. But we had the weekend, time enough to explore and enjoy our sexual fantasies. Tonight, this first time, I wanted it to be special, unhurried, gentle. I wanted to explore every inch of her body; I wanted to savour her beauty; I wanted us to arouse each other slowly, gently, to that point where we would both explode and melt into each other’s arms.

We kissed and held each other tightly. Without realising it we seemed to have moved back towards the fire and were lying down on the large ‘Sheep-skin’ rugs which overlapped each other in the middle of the room. As we lay there and kissed gently, I slowly, gently removed her dressing gown to reveal her soft body. Her nipples were erect and as my leg brushed briefly against her pussy I could feel her wetness. I slipped the satin sheet from around my waste and gently laid it over her. Don’t know why but the soft sheet over her body just above her breasts and just below her pussy felt arousing to me. As if to tease me, knowing what it hid behind it’s softness but still able to see the outline of her body through the thinness of the sheet.

We kissed gently, our tongues just teasing, playing with each other and yet not penetrating each other’s mouths, not yet. Then our kisses became more passionate but I wanted to slow things down a little; wanted to make the moment last; the arousal intense. I nibbled her ear, kissed her neck, ran my fingers through her hair.

I move slowly, gently downwards, kissing above her breasts, then gently taking her nipples in between my teeth but from outside the satin sheet. I moved down the outside of the sheet, tracing her body shape with my tongue. I hovered around her moistness, gently drawing my tongue around the outline of her womanhood but careful to avoid her clitterous, for now. I moved down the inside of one leg and back up the inside of the other; but I move slowly; sometimes stopping at a certain point and moving back down before slowly retracing my steps back towards that point where I was destined to end up.

When I got to the point above her knee where the sheet stopped I gently pulled the sheet slowly down over her body, revealing every inch of her body but ever so slowly. As it passed below her pussy I bundled the sheet up into a ball and tossed it to one side.

I gently blew my warm breath on her pussy and on the inside of her upper thigh. I gently drew circle with my tongue, occasionally softly but briefly touching her lips and her clit. There was now hurry; not time limit; just anticipation of what was to come. I could see her; feel her wanting more and I gave her a little more but slowly; gently. I moved my body around so that I was kneeling with my knees beside her head as I sucked her from above. She reached and took my now bulging cock into her hand and pulled it towards her mouth. I lifted my right leg and placed it on the other side of her head so that I was straddling her. She took me into her mouth.

I gently placed my hands under her buttocks and lifted her up into my face. She gave me every assistance by arching her pussy upwards into me; wanting me to go deeper into her. At this stage I was focusing on her clit. Gently at first but slowly building up the rhythm, then gently sucking on her clit and alternately licking with my tongue. At the same time she was sucking on my cock and gently fondling my balls. We were close; almost at the point where we would both cum.

I pulled out and turned myself around so that I was on top of her; or faces meeting; kissing and I was now positioned in between her legs but hadn’t yet entered. This time; this first time I wanted to make love to her. There’d be time enough for as many different positions as we wanted to try but this time I wanted it to be special.

I slowly positioned my knob just inside her and then slowly moved inwards. I was careful not to enter the whole way initially but just wanted to tease; entice; build up to the moment. It was difficult to be so controlled; I just wanted to explode but I knew that it would be worth the wait.

Then I gently moved deeper and deeper into her. Slow rhythmic movements, in and out gently pushing deeper and deeper. The rhythm began to intensify, to speed up, but then at one point I stopped and looked into her eyes. Her eyes opened wide and stared at me as if to say “what are you doing, don’t stop now; please don’t stop now”. I smiled and then picked up the rhythm again. As if synchronised we both pushed forwards and backwards together; all the while our speed was intensifying, becoming more frantic, more uncontrollable. And then in one magical, erotic, sensual moment we exploded together. As I came into her I pushed hard into her; as if trying to get every last inch of my body into her body. And she pushed into me as if to accept me into her. Our bodies remained locked together tightly for I’m not sure how long. I lay there on top of her. The head of our bodies, the moistness of our lovemaking, the warmth of the moment; we just wanted to savour for as long as possible. Dinner was calling; but for some reason neither of us were thinking of food.

lol Macker

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You were reading a different menu.....

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Very sexy story Macker!

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