Just Call & Say Hello!  

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7/10/2006 7:11 am

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7/12/2006 9:12 am

Just Call & Say Hello!

I chatted to someone today on MSN I hadn't been talking to in a while; and it was nice

So been thinking how nice it can be to get a call, a text or an email from someone who says "I was just thinking of you and thought I'd say hello".

No reason for that person to contact you except to tell you that they were thinking about you and just wanted to say hello. Don't know about you folks but that would give me a lovely warm feeling inside.

So do me a favour, please. If there's someone special in your life, a lover, a friend or maybe just someone who you think may be feeling a bit down or need cheering up; just call and say hello! You really will make them feel good and who knows that just might make you feel good.


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