In the Heat of the Night!  

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6/9/2006 4:45 pm

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7/17/2006 12:57 am

In the Heat of the Night!

This one is for 'M'

It was a warm, muggy day! The temparature touched 30 degrees centigrade.

The air was moist.

I was sitting on the patio, having a glass of chilled white wine. The light was beginning to fade. The sun was slowly giving way to the moon which was gently nudging the sun out of the way.

She walked slowly towards me; her long hair hanging loosly, falling over her shoulders. She smiled at me and my heart soared.

I had a Van Morrison CD playing and the song just changed to 'Moondance'.

I asked her if I could have this dance.

She smiled I smiled

I put my hand around her waste and pulled her towards me. Our cheeks touched. I could smell her. Feel her. I held her.

Our cheeks just touched gently. She felt so good; smelt so good.

We just danced and held each other tightly. Our lips touched, we kissed; a soft tender kiss. Our eyes met; we looked into each other's souls.

And then the song changed. "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

The night was warm; the wind soft and cooling; the mood was romantic; the moon was almost full; and love was in the air!!

Love was in the night, "in the heat of the night".

If I close my eyes I can feel her, smell her, touch her!

If I close my eyes! If!


"What Dreams are made of" = Love!

mm0206 68F
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6/9/2006 5:16 pm


From someone that I admire ...
from someone that has such an aura of light that shines from within...
Someone who's beauty makes me gasp....

How can I not be touched and moved....

Have I told you lately that I love you

Have I told you there's no one above you

Fill my heart with gladness

Take away my sadness

Ease my troubles that's what you do.{=}

You make me tremble Brendan
tenderly .....m.

macker1965 replies on 6/10/2006 6:57 am:

"Fill my heart with gladness, Take away my sadness".

Could be a definition of 'Love'.

And to 'tremble' in anticipation of being with, meeting, loving that special person; now that's a feeling I remember; a feeling I long for again!


mm0206 68F
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6/9/2006 6:38 pm

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macker1965 replies on 6/10/2006 6:58 am:

Thank you


SxyCrazyCool 38F

6/12/2006 3:03 am

This is so sweet and beautiful!! Good luck you two!!


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