Fatal Attraction or Madness?  

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11/11/2005 3:59 pm

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Fatal Attraction or Madness?

Have you ever wondered what it is that really attracts us?
I've been on AdultFriendFinder for over 7 months and have met lots of really nice ladies. O.k. different types of women but I have to say all were really nice in their own way.
All were (are) good looking, all were sexy and some were fantastic lovers. In fact for the most part the sex has been fantastic although one or two definitely stand out. So much so that I've met a couple on a number of occassions & intend meeting up with one on many more occassions.
So why is it I'm still really attracted to one lady whom I met only once, when I joined AdultFriendFinder first & who isn't or at least doesn't appear to be attracted to me.
This lady is really sexy & has changed since I first talked to & then met her way back 5 or 6 months ago.But I think she has changed for the better in the sence that she has unleashed her inner most sexual feelings. She expresses herself freely on AdultFriendFinder & mostly through her Blogs which I watch closely. I used to add the occassional comment but seem to constantly put my foot in it or rub her up the wrong way so I usually refrain from commenting now.
Often think it's a pity we met when we did as I think we have both developed over the last few months & appear to be looking for much the same thing; & who knows what might have been had be met later?
So why is it I'm still attracted to someone who really doesn't appear to be attracted to me. I'm a confident person, comfortable in both my looks & personality & have no difficulty meeting & hitting it off with most women. But I also understand that not every woman will find me attractive.
So why can't I get her out from under my skin? Could it be? Is it possible? Nah it couldn't be; this is an adult site & most of us are just on here for sex! Or are we; is there something more we're looking for?

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

11/29/2005 4:25 pm

What a lovely honest post..

Ive met alot of peopleon Hotmatch

Ive grown from a shy women to a sexually confident one..

Well to a certain point, im still shy in reality

But.. thanks to a few very positive "mature" friends ive become a better person,,

I love friends that love me for who I am..

When i say love I dont mean "In love" I mean they love the person I am..

They dont judge me when i tell them im meeting someone..

They dont leave hateful replies on my bloggs telling me how Ive changed..

Im glad Ive changed..

I never talked about sex..

I was scared to want to cum..

I was scared of most things..

But now I can blogg get advice people tell me what they think and I listen to their advice..

I have met alot of men and women.. slept with three..

I rather enjoy snogging.. Love a man to treat me well..

I hurt like everyone else..

But if I think someone is threatening me in any way i run away from them.. go into my shell..

Im on AdultFriendFinder a year.. I love it.. Love the people, my friends in countries all around the world that i wont ever meet..

Im glad you are blogging..

Some advice on blogging for you from a friend

Visit other bloggs especially most visited and post.. they will visit u and reply..

ITs a lovely circle of friends..

It works for me..

Im safe In bloggland..

Your friend

Silky xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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