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We were having an office night out in the Summer. Had won some award for a promotion at work & as Manager I arranged for a staff night out.

After work we all went for a game of 'Pitch & Put'. Sub-consciously, I think, I arranged for her to be on my team-there were three on each team. We enjoyed the golf, lots of innocent inuendo & casual physical contact between her & I during the game.

Next we went for a meal & then on to a local bar for some after dinner drinks. I seemed to manage to keep her close by me most of the night though don't remember consciously contriving that!

Someone (probably most of us) decided we should go to a nightclub & most of us danced; but mosly I danced with her.

There was one guy in the company who didn't drink and he was leaving us all home. He had a big car but there were four in the back. I sat next to the door just behing the driver. She sat next to me and the other two back seat passengers sat to her left.

It was dark, we were close, I could smell her, feel her leg against my hand & I knew she could feel my hand. I started to move my hand slowly up her leg, from her knee, slowly moving from the outside of her leg to the inside thigh & up towards her pussy. I felt her panties, rubbed my fingers up & down the outside of her panties against her pussy & could feel her wetness. Then I slowly run my finger along the rim of her panties as though slowly testing her, waiting for a reaction, a rejection, but it didn't come. Then my fingers slowly slipped in under her panties & gently carressed her pussy lips, her clit & soaked in her wetness. I took my fingers out and put them into my mouth & tasted her juices. All the while the other people in the car just chatted to each other. As I felt her warm, wet pussy she turned her head & looked into my eyes. In the dark & with the occassional flickering light from the street lighting, her eyes were all I could see. But what a look. It was a please fuck me luck, please take me luck, please go down & lick me look.We kissed briefly but what a kiss.

We arrived at her house. Her husband was in bed & she (reluctantly as it appeared to me) got out of the car & said good night.

That was my first encounter with the wonderful Joy. The start of what was to be a beautiful if short-lived affair.

What a sweet memory

lol Macker

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