'Sex is like a Box of Chocolates'  

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12/27/2005 3:09 pm

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'Sex is like a Box of Chocolates'

Good old Forest Gump!!

Sex is good!

Sex is a mystery!!

Sex is like a Box of Chocolates!!!

You meet someone. They seem nice. You think you've clicked. The scene is set. The mood is right. The music perfect. And then what???????

You open the box. What do you get? Whatever it is, it's an experience and you savour, appreciate & hopefully enjoy. It may not have been the experience you were hoping for, but 'life is like a bx of chocolates' and who knows what will cum our way.

We dream, we wish, we love!!!! But in the end we hope the choices we make, sometimes in the dark, will work out. But if not, and more often that not, they don't, we make another selection; hopefully learing from the last!!

Sorry if that sounds base, materialistic or just un-romantic. But sometimes I feel I'm too much of a romantic & that can be difficult to bear sometimes!!!

lol Macker

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