'In Search of the Ultimate G-Spot'  

macker1965 60M/42F
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12/10/2005 4:21 am

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4/21/2006 12:24 am

'In Search of the Ultimate G-Spot'

I know we've all got certain spots on our bodies that are particularly sensitive & really arrouse when kissed, licked, sucked or just carressed. I've known women where the nipples was a real g-spot & just sucking on them gently really turned them wild.

For some the lobe to the ears can be a really sensitive spot and for others it's the back of the kneck.

Some of my really sensitive places include:
Well there's the usual suspect, i.e, the knob of my cock. When a woman holds it in between her teeth, gently tightening around it & sucking well that can cum close to blowing my mind.
Then there's that little spot just between my balls & my asshole. Really get turned on when a woman pays that area particular attention.
Recently discovered that my ass is also very responsive to attention from women which I have to say surprised me a little.
My upper inner thigh is another of my favourite spots.

But while all of these spots really get me aroused when sucked, licked or carressed I think I still must have other G-spots that I still haven't discovered & which if given the right attention would really blow my mind (among other things lol).

So I've committed to going in search of my ultimate G-spot. I think the next opportunity I get I'll dedicate a whole sex session with whomever I'm with to finding that one spot. It would be good fun to carry the same search on my partner. Now that would be one exploration expedition I will really enjoy.

So does everyone out there know where their G-spots are? Have you one or several? Is there one spot, above all others, which really blows your mind? Would you like to help Macker find his?

lol Macker

mm0206 68F
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4/15/2006 5:08 pm

Yes Macker I think you are a wonderfully sensual man.
I bet I know one place that would make you loose all thoughts of time or place.
I have never had anyone really explore me. that would be a first.


macker1965 replies on 4/21/2006 12:26 am:

You know me so well already. Think if I were with you I'd loose all sense of time and place. Can I be the first to really explore your body?

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