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12/28/2005 9:52 am

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Ok... so 1/2 a year is a long time between postings. I'll try to do better.

It's been a long (though interesting) 5/6 months. Macc's healed from his back surgery, we've both got new gigs within the same company. We're both still very busy, but we seem to have more play time these days.

We've had a few "encounters" and MANY wonderful offers from our AdultFriendFinder online friends. We may even attend our first orgy together on New Years Eve!

We have also been discussing the possibilty that we lean toward a polyamory lifestyle. We're open to what poly form our 'family' should take. I think we'll try a few out and see what we can survive. Another couple to share life sounds good. But allowing macc another girlfriend sounds fun too, as does a bit of masculine fluff on the side for me! I think we like the possibility of being energized by the alternate relationship/s and bringing that energization back into our own intimate fold.

I was reading a post on a poly site that we joined and one man asked for responses to his theory that sex and spirituality were one and the same. I thought about that and I believe that he is truely onto something there. When I have the best sexual experiences it's usually when I have opened myself spiritually to that person and have chosen to worship that person through a sexual encounter. For me taking that train of thought into the encounter heightens the whole experience for me and I become even more muti-orgasmic than I usually am. I'm interested to hear what other people have to say about this. I mean what's the use of Tantric Sex if it's not true? Or what's the use of practicing Taoist Sex if it's not true? Both of which involve worship of the other person for those moments that you are intimately involved. I know, I know... that's really simplifying the whole thing, but I think you get my drift.

Let me know what YOU think.

rm_Johnnie2223 57M

12/29/2005 4:03 pm

In a polyamory lifestyle, who do you think has the most problems with the emotional aspects of it. A man or the woman? Also which one of the two, brings the most energization back to the fold?

maccdawn 56M/57F

12/29/2005 9:53 pm

I think that the man would have the most problems with it emotionally. (this is the woman speaking here). I believe that to be true only if the woman was 100% into the idea of polyamory.

Say she's bought into the program 100%... I can see the man still being possessive over the woman more so than woman over the man. I think there still is that 1950's residual of "the little woman being the man's property" in most of society. Not so much of 'she's mine' as in owning chattle, but 'she's mine' emotionally and men have a difficult time separateing the emotionality from it all.

I believe that the woman would bring back the most energy to the fold. Not to say that the man wouldn't be energized by his fully accepted and acknowledged 'trists' that he may be having, but he would not be so apt to share that energy with his primary unless the primary wife has the ability to coax it out of him without taking away from his experience, and belittling it. She would need to be able to be strong enough to allow him his quiet pride, and be happy for him that he can relish in it.

As for the woman I believe that she would be physically energized and wound up by the positive attention that she would be getting. It would take a strong man not to compare himself to the other man, and to be able to let it go knowing that what he and his wife share is equally special (and sometimes maybe more so). If he is able to do this and allow her to bring that energy back into their marriage then their own marriage will reap the benefit of it. happyf; happym;

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