Sweet Home Atlanta  

macayne 31M
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6/2/2006 5:23 pm
Sweet Home Atlanta

So right now I am currently working at the wonderful academic institution of JCC in the Solution Center. I basically answer the phone and help people with their problems. It seems that about 90% of the call I receive are for people who need help logging in one way or another.

Now the majority of these people are just generally blah and show no real emotions. Every now and again you get an irate client who is yelling for no reason because you can't give them there student i.d. number without seeing some form of ID. And then sometimes you get people who are generally too nice. Today was one of those days.

I am reminded of the Dane Cook skit about him talking about working at the drive through at Burger King. Because honestly, this lady who seemed as though she had all good intentions was, I think, hiding something.

I picked up the phone and gave my usual "JCC Solution Center this is Brad how may I help you?" Most people for one reason or another believe I say Bret and I am forced with pretending that is my name for those 5-10 minutes. This was not the case, she clearly referred to me as Brad . What I thought was going to be a normal password change quickly turned to the strange.

I come to find out her name is Roselyn Bell and lives in Atlanta. Now we have to ask for the name, but not where they are located, but that is irrelevant. When most people call they usually say the normal thank yous and other polite verbalizations. This lady insisted on repeatedly saying Hun and talking very breathy. I know though that she can talk normal because she started out that way and gradually descended into this whole "do me" tone. I had to have her fax us some information so I could get her her number. Upon receiving the fax I had the joy of calling her back. She picked up normally gave her greeting. I told her who I was and once again her voice shifted into the seductive voice again. This was getting out of hand, but I had to keep my composure because of being at work.

After getting off the phone, I talked to a few of my colleagues and one suggested that maybe she is an "operator" if you get my drift. This could be very possible, seeing as how she was at work.

But then again it just might be that Sothern hospitality.

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