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3/31/2006 7:51 pm

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Could of been the whiskey.
Might have been the gin.
Could of been the three or four six packs, I don't know,
but look at the shape I'm in.
My head feels like a foot ball.
I think I'm gonna' die,
Sayin' me oh me oh my,
Wasn't that a party!

Could have been my memory,
playin' tricks on me,
but I swear I saw my buddy
cuttin' down my neighbors tree.

So I said, your Honor,
it was all in fun.
That little bitty track meet
down on Main street
was just to see if the cops could run.
Now they're runnin' up to see me
in an alcoholic haze.
Sure can use those thirty days
to recover from the party.

Wasn't that a party!

Author unknown.
Great party, Kat!

docdirk 47M

3/31/2006 9:03 pm

I'll drink to that!

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...


4/1/2006 8:16 pm

It was the tequila

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

m1903a3 59M

4/3/2006 5:18 pm

---(hic)---(belch)----(puke)---- PARTHY ONTH ---(hic)---

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