Day one...  

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3/3/2005 6:02 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Day one...

Made it to Vegas and got checked in... first things first... good old blow job! He loved it, said he saw stars Prime the pump LOL

We went out for a while, and checked out the sites. Vegas sure has changed since the last time we were here. When we got back to the room later we put in a porn and had a few drinks. I went into the bedroom to change, I came out in my pink cheeky panties and the pink baby doll with a built in pushup bra that made my breasts just spill out over the top making them look larger than they already are. I picked it out just because I knew it would drive him crazy!!! He is such a fool for sexy "girlie" lingerie.

Just like I knew would happen, his jaw just dropped. He really loved it when I turned around and lifted up the doll and showed him my cheeky panties, playfully slapping MY cheeks asking him if he likes THEM. He came to me and started rubbing his hands all over my ass telling how much he loved them.

Things started heating up and we moved to the bed room (we had a suite, living room...bedroom...really nice place)

We started kissing and undressing each other... he took off my baby doll but left my panties on almost the whole time, pulling them to the side to get access.

We masturbated for each other, I LOVE watching him stroke his cock, I love the way his hands wrap around it... sliding up and down, squeezing the head when the pre-cum seeps out, and the way he rubs it all over making his cock all wet... reaching down to rub his balls... softly pulling on them.

He made me beg for the new vibe he bought for me, a g-spot vibe. He laid me down and got the new vibe and our old one, (my favorite because it looks just like a carbon copy of him) and he started kissing me and working his way down. He asked me if I wanted the new vibe and I told him yes, again he made me beg for it... he started rubbing it on my clit making me moan... then he poured some lube on me and started working on my pussy. He slid the head of the vibe in side me and turned it on, it felt so fucking fantastic!!! He is the man who showed me what a g-spot was with his fingers, now he was working it with this vibe and it was driving me crazy!!!

Then he pushed it further and started stroking my g-spot!!!! The lube and my pussy juices had trickled down between my ass cheeks and he told me he was going to double fuck me!!! My mind just exploded!!! He took the other vibe, the one that looks like him, and started rubbing it on my little tight asshole... slipping the head it just a little until I got use to the feeling, then he started sliding it in little by little, alternating strokes between my pussy and ass.

He was watching the vibes just slide in and out and then he told me I just had to see it and told me he was getting a mirror, first I told him no because I was embarrassed, but then told him OK. He could only find my compact which had a mirror, he handed it to me and told me to look at my beautiful pussy!!!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing... there was my pussy all deep pink and wet filled with the new vibe he bought just for me, and my little asshole was stretched with the other vibe. I moaned "oh my fucking god, look at that, look at my pussy and asshole"... "look at how the skin of my asshole is stretched around that cock... then he took my had and took one of my fingers and rubbed it over the skin while I watched. We just stared at each other for about a minute! It was the most incredible connection!!!

He let me watch as he fucked me with vibes and made sure to keep telling me to watch as a came, he wanted me to see my beautiful pussy and asshole pulsate around the vibes. And when he couldn't stand it anymore he took the one out of my ass and put himself in, keeping the vibe in my pussy!!! He told me to watch as he entered me, WHAT A FUCKING SITE!!! To watch his cock enter my ass while my pussy had the vibe in it!!!!

He double fucked me like that for what it seems like for ever!!! He loves to feel the vibrations in my ass coming thought the thin wall of my pussy.

We made love for almost 8 hours, just enjoying each other and exploring eachother.

It was a night when we had the strongest connection that we have ever had, it will be a night that we will always remember until the day we die!!!

rm_hockey609 52M
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3/3/2005 7:26 pm

good way to start the trip

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