Behind the Green Door....  

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3/9/2005 1:10 am

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Behind the Green Door....

FYI The Green Door is a well know swingers club in Las Vegas.

We came back to the room after eating dinner, I had to lay down and took a nap, he stayed up and watched porn, reliving the night before.

When I got up I took a shower and fixed my hair in sexy curls and made sure I was newly shaved and put on the perfume that he loves. I slipped on my new silky black panties and black lacy pushup bra and slithered into the low cut black dress that I bought just for this occasion. Once again when I came out and his jaw dropped! I knew I had chosen well

He showered and shaved, dressing in black slacks and his new black shirt, damn he looked so fucking hot it is a miracle that we ever left the room.

We had a couple of drinks to calm our nerves and then we called down to the front desk to get a taxi.

When we hot in the taxi the driver was looking in the rear view mirror at my breasts, he asked us were we wanted to go and we told him we wanted to go to "The Green Door"

He knew exactly where it was.

As we pulled up, a guy was leaving, he looked me up and down and told the both of us "to have fun" with a smile on his face... I wonder how much fun he had that night???

Both of us were excited, nervous, and honestly scared to death!!! We had never been to a swingers club before, and had no idea what we would find other side of that door.

We walked up to the window and the girl asked us if we had been there before, we told her no. She told us the fee to enter and then informed us about the various rooms, simple rules and then put green bracelets on the both of us to identify us as a couple.

I think if either of us would have said jump we would have left, but neither of us said anything. We entered the lounge, there was 2 pool tables and a bar, I asked him if he wanted to play pool, I needed to clear my mind clear, my pussy was throbbing and my legs were shaking so bad I could hardly walk.

The place was kind of sleazy looking, but we were the only ones there at the time. There was lots of black lights which was kind of nice as I have super white skin, and the black lights made me look like I had a killer tan... and my breasts looked huge!!! My nipples were just as hard as they could get, and my pussy was soaking my panties!!!

One really bad point... no alcohol!!! But, they have a bar 2 doors down, and you can come and go back and forth if you want. He asked me if I wanted to leave for a few minutes and go have a couple of drinks, but I told him no, that I had a hard enough time coming in the doors the first time.

It was about that time, I got my first shock... a old man walked out of a back room in nothing but a towel... major shock LOL!!! How ya gonna act?????

We decided to go look around, I was still really nervous, and really didn't look around too much, when we came to the voyeur room, I just glanced in it and left because there was 2 guys sitting in there waiting for someone to come "put on a show"

We then went down another hall to the stairs, they went to the VIP room and the dungeon... I kept telling him I didn't want to go up there (the dungeon scares me LO and he finally got me to go up just to look around.

The VIP room was nicer than downstairs, couches, a stage with pole, a round bed in the middle of the room with beads hanging from the ceiling (think 70s door way beads) and a bar. STILL NO GOOD STUFF TO DRINK... GRRRRRR!!!

Down a hall was another voyeur room with a one way mirror (which I didn't realize until we left and it was too late, that was what I really wanted) Simi privet rooms and at the end of the hall, THE DUNGEON!!!! Which we didn't go into. Not our cup of tea.

We went into the simi privet rooms to look around a little more, and when we turned around, the old man with the towel had just walked in... he looked a me and grabbed he cock though his towel... Like I said... how ya gonna act?????

We left and went back out to the VIP bar and started talking to bartender. After a little while people started coming in, there was a lot of single men prowling around looking for a piece of ass or a peep free show.

I finally decided that I had sat long enough and I told him to come on that I was getting my $50.00 worth. I took him by the hand and we went back into one of the simi privet rooms, went under the chain and closed the sheer curtain.

The simi privet rooms have a sheer curtain, and a chain that goes across the door. People can watch you in the room, but unless you invite them in, they do not come under the chain.

We started kissing, and he started rubbing my nipples and my reaching around to rub my ass and pulling me up against his cock grinding it into my clit. I put my purse down in a chair, laid my sweater down on the vinyl bed and pushed him back to sit.

I kissed him, pinching his nipples and sliding my hand down to his cock. He was so hard that I thought he would bust the zipper before I could get him out.

I kissed and licked my way down his stomach, unbuttoning his pants and taking out his cock. I slowly licked the head before taking him in my mouth sucking him softly. Then I pulled his pants down so I could have access to his balls too. As I got on my knees in front of him, I caught a reflection in the mirror...our first peeper.

I started licking his balls, sucking on them, rubbing my tongue over them. I took his cock in my mouth and slid his cock all the way down my throat. I looked up in his eyes as he glanced up to look at the crowd of people who had come to watch me suck his cock.

He helped me up and we kissed, he was rubbing my nipples, I took off my bra so he could have easier access to my breasts. I turned around and put my hands on the bed. He lifted my dress around over my hips and slipped his fingers inside my panties, I was soaking wet!!! As I was bent over I could look in the mirror on the wall and see all the faces watching him finger me, my legs were shaking so bad I didn't think I would be able to stand up much longer.

He pulled my panties down around my ankles and spread my cheeks, he bent over and slid his tongue in my throbbing pussy and he stroked my clit. He then ran his tongue up to my tight little asshole, licking it until I couldn't stand it anymore.

I turned around and sat on my sweater and pulled him to me, we kissed and I took his cock in my hand and rubbed him along my pussy getting it all wet. Sliding it over my clit until it was tingling. I looked over at the door and there were "our fans" watching us, waiting for him to slide his cock inside me. I laid back and spread my legs wide as he slid in me in one stroke.

As he fucked me I would look back in the mirror and watch the door, watch the people who were watching us... I put my feet up on his shoulders and lifted my ass off the bed.

I licked my fingers getting them wet and slippery and started rubbing my throbbing clit... I had to cum... he grabbed my ass and slammed his cock into my swollen pussy. I looked back one more time to see the peepers, and then I came... squeezing his cock so hard that he couldn't hold back any more and he filled my pussy with his hot cum.

He stood there holding my legs while we tried to catch our breath... I looked back to see the last face disappear. I started giggling because I could not believe that we had just fucked in front of all those people.

As we got dressed his cum ran down my legs.

When we got back to our hotel room, the shock had worn off a little, and we started talking about what had happend that night at "The Green Door"

I told him that I wish that they had a room with a one way mirror, that way I would have felt a little more free if I couldn't see the people watching us... that is when he told me that they did have a room like that... wanna know someting funny, I was ready to go back and give them a real show!!!

I don't see us going to a swingers club on a regular basis... I think it would take all of the thrill out of it... but I will tell you this, the people who are there the next time we go are going to be treated to a show that they will not soon forget.

goodluven 59M/53F  
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3/10/2005 7:51 pm

Going to Vegas 3-24-05. Where is the Green Door? Oasis?

lzrdsgal 53M/47F

3/11/2005 11:03 am

The one thing I found is that all the taxi drivers know where all of those palces are, when you are ready to go just call the front desk and tell them that you need a taxi, then tell the taxi driver where you want to go. Remember, we found out the hard way, these places do not serve alcohol, although the red rooster does let you bring in your own to keep behind the bar, and they have the mixers... coke, 7up etc. The green door was ok, but people say the rooster is better. Well hope you have fun, drop me a line and let me know where you went and how it was.

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