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8/5/2006 7:52 am

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Good morning

It has been an interesting couple of days on AdultFriendFinder; I have received several emails, winks and some great comments on my blog, thank you.

As anyone who reads my blog can tell I have a submissive side, I also have a dominate side, I have found that many people see a submissive as a weak person. I don’t believe this, and any true dominate also realizes that this is not true. It takes a strong female or male for that matter to be submissive.

I have read several blog and some have caught my eye. I agree there are degrees of submission. I do not understand why anyone would enjoy physical pain, in my search for information I have read of submissive males that have weights hooked to the ball sack, or their cock tied up in ropes or leather, and submissive females that have their breast tied up so tight that they actually turn purple from the lack of blood flow or small weights hung from the pussy lips. Other submissive’s enjoy to be completely humiliated, or made to do sexual things that they would never think of doing. If these submissive’s do not do as they are told or complain they are punished usually be some sort of physical pain. I do not enjoy that part of submission, and would not be with a man that wanted this type of submissive. I am not condemning anyone for the feelings or beliefs.

I know the type of man, that can control me, A simple look from across the table, will make my stomach tighten, a well placed hand in the small of my back while we are dancing, will make my legs weak. The man that can dominate me does not flaunt it. He is dominate in his whole life, he does not play dominate in the bedroom. He succeeds in everything he does. I know there is a man out there that fits this description; I look forward to finding him.

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