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1/12/2006 2:25 am

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fists in the air
against your quelling silence
times at fourteen
thats all this is
a walk down
where I left my terror
against your choke
[you're all such fucking chokes]

in your gastopo zootsuit
in our rioteous affair
I'm watching all the hard hands on me
pulling to dragging
moving me up and out against my will
into your bomb scarred cadillac
where its all british glass
black coatings with rainy skies

broken to your orange works
in all your red white and black
its our incessant flags fying at halves
banners without our succor and might
and arm bands that breed only one thing
which is all your dying brands up for sale

where civil hands
are turned right outside your door
and you can't see the poetics in our wars
every land to broken smile
where your cheeks are burning
from our pop culture fuels
that feed the skies
from our loveless-thoughtless fumes

but they're coming down
this one way hallway
its all my propaganda
all my broken works
that they rise against
our voice all sorrow
as are hands bow down

© Bryan McLean June 26 20005

( this is a work from summer that I didnt post, since Freelove is so often on here, I thought she'd enjoy this one very much..
my works are on my main blog
lyinghere tblog com
and many more of them are at
geocities com/lyinghere/2seconds
if that works out )

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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1/15/2006 1:31 pm

wow! that is awesome. thanks for posting it! (and i checked your site too, but will go back later and read more. i need some inspiration right now.)

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