Oral for women  

lvrgrl4kitty 37F
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4/27/2005 4:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Oral for women

Where does a woman get a primer on oral for women? Do we watch the same tapes the guys do? I have licked a few pussies and honestly I know I'm not the best in the world. So, besides paying close attention when my bf is at work *down there* what else can I do? I tried licking my cats but I got hairballs. I tried licking myself but I only got as far as the upper kneecap. I sorta feel for those guys that I know fantasize about being oral slaves but don't get much practice and then suck at it when they get a chance. It's a vicious cycle. I, however, refuse to be average.

Somebody - probably female - needs ro tell me what their FAVORITE strokes and tricks are for receiving oral (from a guy or a girl.) I know what mine are! but I'm not every woman - sadly. Gimme a clue so my training's not in vain.

I'll start. There are two things I really think are super down there: 1) when he rubs his whole face in it like a crazy man, and 2) lick-lick-suck-lick-lick-suck. Now your turn...


rm_Romperroom43 52M/44F
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4/27/2005 7:28 pm

Mmmm, I've had a little practice, not much but I've been complemented and creamed
I like my clit or above along the ridge leading to my clit to be rubbed back and forth with lots of pressure. Use your tongue, your chin, your whole face. Do it fast, slow...whatever. Change it up.
Also, long slow licks all the way up and down. I love your fingers inside while your lick my slit. Take two fingers, all the way in at about 12 o'clock and make a 'come here' motion. There's the g-spot move! Makes me squirt!! Once my b/f kissed my cunt with his head sideways as if he were kissing my lips (on my face) and then he slipped his tongue in. It was so much like a french kiss and felt blissful.
So thats a taste of what I like but if its advice on pussy licking your after the best advice I can give you is....enjoy it enough to not think so much! Don't get stuck on 'moves' or techniques..as you said we are all different. Enjoy, try lots of things and listen to your partners responses...moans, tightening muscles, getting creamy, however her body expresses it pleasure. Tune in to that and she will lead you to what she likes even if she isn't able to just tell you. If she is, then get her to talk dirty telling you how good it feels, where to touch, suck lick etc.
Happy munching!

pussyeaterxxx2 36M
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4/27/2005 7:51 pm

I know you would rather hear from women about this but one thing that i usually try to do the first couple times with a new chick is keep a hand on her tummy or a couple fingers inside of her to get a better idea of what she is responding to then do variations of what she likes.A few things that i've found to work almost always kinda like what you said but add a swirl in the hood area between licks and sucking, your nose for some reason tends to do miracles to the clit while doing some tongue fucking, this next one be careful with most love it some have it! While doing finger play nibble on the clit a bit then take your tongue and roll it across your teeth using different pressure so on, then for extreme cases only i.e. The chicks that have almost no sensation what so ever.... Blowing raspberries or what ever you want to call it kinda like making farting sounds but kinda train yourself on changing the speed and intensity of the vibes i know it sounds strange but it can be a miracle worker! The of course there's the tornado tongue doing the abc's labia nibbles and pulling massaging the bridge between the flower and the bud or the taint whatever you want to call it well hopefully this may help you out good luck and the best of eatings

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