If I were a lesbian  

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4/20/2005 4:52 pm

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If I were a lesbian

Considering that I have been with female friends before, but never more than once, I have given some thought to what it might be like to have a girlfriend in the relationship sense. My very first thought is she doesn't have a penis, so I'm already confused. I guess it would really depend on what type of lesbian I was and how friendly or serious I was in a relationship with another woman. Of course there would be alotta pussy lickin and booby fondlin' but then what. I'm not totally sure I understand the lesbian dynamic. I mean - I am just figuring out men!@

Can you be a part-time lesbian? Isn't that what bisexual means? But that would probably offend bisexual men who don't think they are part-time gay. dunno. Straight guys say if you are a bi-guy you are gay. Do straight chicks see us bi-fems as lesbians, even though we date men? Well who knows. Nobody's going to do a door-to-door survey to find out.

What really gets me, like I said before, are the dynamics of a lesbian relationship. Women are always talking about how sensual being with another woman is, and how women know women. But hey - I'm a woman, and a lesbian relationship - being with another woman for an extended period of time - scares me! Women are crazy! Women know this. It's part of the way men and women work. But how do two women work? It just blows me away.

So I'm not cut out to be a lesbian. But I'm still a woman, and I've had female friends that were like a sister. I know that special bond everyone is talking about. It didn't really have anything to do with sex, though. And it didn't necessarily make sex better if I happened to make out with my sister-friend. Hell - I think the truth is not that women have lesbian instincts, but that they are just the goddesses of lust and they can't even resist themselves! A hot chick is objectively a hot chick then.

And I say THANK YOU to whatever sneaky devil, god or nature, that put those hot-ass creatures on earth for all of us to see. ; )

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