When single men were still welcome...  

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5/7/2006 1:31 am

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When single men were still welcome...

I went to this club, and met a nice couple, gave them my email, there were so many people there, and most rooms were full, and they did not want others to see a threesome, so they begged off. I met another couple that had been there the a couple of weeks ago, and gave them my email on the way into the back. I played pool and won against a bbw, who was not very inhibited.
Later that night, I saw the woman who I played pool with getting her tits sucked by two guys in the large couples room.
Even later that night, I saw her sitting in her bra out in the club area. I asked about seeing her in the other room, and she pulled out a breast and said oh, you meant this. I was getting hard by this time and told her so. She pulled out the other breast and told me they needed attention. She further informed me that her fiance was out of town, and she would not have sex without him there.
I asked if that included oral sex. She grabbed me by the arm, and led me into a dungeon room. she undid my trowsers and pulled my dick out and started sucking. Bobbing her head, using her tongue. Some guy cam in and was watching. Then another bbw came in and was sort of watching from behind. Another guy came in. It was the new bbw's husband. I held out my hand, and she took it. I kissed the first woman open mouthed, and put the wifes, hand around my dick. The other woman told her to suck me. She did. The husband was squeezing the first womans tits while we made out and his wife gave me a blowjob.
Then the first woman told him she would not have sex with him. She wanted to see him fuck his wife while she sucked my dick. He did. By this time, a crowd was gathering outside the door. The first woman obviously bi was feeling the wife's tits, making out with me and getting felt up by the husband.
Then it all sort of broke up. She asked the wife if I could fuck her if I wore a condom. The wife nodded. I put on a rubber and fucked her while the husband ate out the other woman. Another couple entered the room, and started fucking on a bench next to us. The husband wanted to get a room and watch his wife get fucked, but she was shy about being watched closely. So we parted company.
On the way out, there was a stripper down to her panties dancing in front of what was her boyfiend or husband. he moved over on the couch and asked me to sit. I watched her grind on him along with other people in the room.
She then got up and danced for me, ending up in a lap dance. She turned to face the audience and I started rubbing her pussy through her panties. She spread her legs wide leaned back into me as I masterbated her and felt her tits in front of everyone- including her husband. She came, and then turned around grinding against my hardon. I shifted her over to where she straddled my leg and slid her back and forth til she came. She got up layed against her husband and thanked me. This was all pretty wild. I wanted to fuck some more, but also did not want to be greedy. There are more nights to come.

kimba3719652000 51F
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5/7/2006 10:32 am

soundd like you had great time

lvrboy69701 replies on 5/7/2006 9:54 pm:
It was okay. I prefer on on one sex. I mean one woman two men lol

lvrboy69701 44M

12/15/2006 6:12 pm

Update on that club situation, one of the guys there is now a friend. He has a new girlfriend about every three months. Anyway, he is always nice enough to share lol.

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