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10/29/2005 9:10 am

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Well, Tony got here last night from Detroit around 8:45 when he was supposed to be here a 8.
Rule number one, dont leave a girl waiting. I get impatient and it is RUDE.
He looked better in person than on his picture. but still dorky all the same. I have been talking to him online for 2 years now. I met him on the blackplanet website.
Well, right when we go into the room, we got right down to it.
It was alright. A little bit to much bang and not enough rythm for me. But he was nice and I figured, he travled all that way to see me. Plus he was having such a good time. He kept saying that I was SOOOOO beautiful and that I am worth the drive all the way to Ohio if he had too.
I know this sounds bitchy, but I wont see him again. If I dont like it and I am not turned on, forget it. Ill be dry as the sahara.
Well, what can you do right?

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11/6/2005 9:31 am

Well, my name is Joe and l have read alot of you and if it is true abou you well like to meet you some day and l will give you better sex that you will never forget and you will come back for more

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