Part II  

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1/11/2006 5:18 pm

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Part II

I trusted my lover not to inflict true pain. I watched as she clicked the cuff around my wrist, to my surprise she took out a second pair and secured it around my other wrist. With a sly smile, she lifted my arm and handcuffed it to the headboard. Her lips and breasts brushed against mine as she reached for my other arm and attached it to the headboard as well. My instinct is to touch, caress and move about...tonite I was in my lover's restraints.
She bent down and kissed me and slid her tongue down my neck, circled my nipples and made her way to the button on my jeans. Her teeth tugged at the zipper and pulled it down slowly. She stood up abruptly, grinned and said, "be right back". I was semi-naked, cuffed, and I could feel myself getting wet, my heart was pumping so fast I saw my chest rising and falling with the pounding of my heart.

With that, she turned on her heels and left the room. "Wait, where are you going?" She didn't answer.
I was now focused on the fact that I couldn't use my hands...It felt strange but anticipation was building, I awaited her return. She grinned, "Oops, was I gone long?" She was carrying whipped cream, chocolate sauce, a candle and some sort of dildo, one that I had never seen before. "Oh, here, let me help you take these off" she tickled my feet and then slid my jeans off. "I forgot you couldn't take these off, you're all tied up at the moment". She was amused at her humor, her laugh was contagious and I laughed as well.

She joined me on the rose-petal covered bed and got on all fours and licked me from my feet, to my stomach, to my breasts and ended with kiss that left me breathless and wanting more. She put her beautiful breasts in my face and I tried to lick and suck them but she pulled back just far enough so I couldn't reach. "No touching, not tonite." She starting sucking and licking my boobs, she sucked on my neck so hard I was certain I had a hickie. I was getting so hot and horny and I wanted to touch her so badly. She lit the candle that she brought into the room and set it next to the bed. "Waiting for the wax to melt, it will only be a minute, oh that's right, you aren't going anywhere anyway, are you?" Again with the giggle, "No, I guess I am not going anywhere, you are the boss," I said. She certainly was in charge alright. She seemed mesmorized by the flame and after a some time, blew it out. "This will only hurt for a second and then it will feel wonderful, trust me." I was watching with aprehension as she tilted the candle and the wax dripped on my nipple. Hot, burning, take my breath away and mixed feelings...was this pain or pleasure, I couldn't tell. I saw the wax drip on my other nipple and drip down my breast. Mmmmm...the heat of the wax seemed to go straight to my pussy because I felt it start to throb, definately pleasure, I decided. "You like?", she grinned. "Yes" is all I managed to get out. She licked in the middle of my breasts and made a path down to my throbbing pussy. She put her lips on my panties and her lips outlined my pussy lips. She sat on my legs and reached for the whipped cream and squirted some on each nipple, the cold eased the burning of the wax. She waited until the whipped cream started melting and dripping down my breasts before she started to suck the whip cream and wax off. Having melted wax sucked and pulled off my nipples was such an incredible sexual feeling. She eased my panties off and kissed my thighs all the way up to my pussy and stopped, I could feel her breath, but not her lips. I could feel her breasts as they brushed my skin and she rested her breasts on mine, the melted wax on both of us now, and kissed me hard and passionately, on my neck on my lips. She raised herself so her boobs were in my face again and this time I could reach and suck her nipples, but only briefly, she quickly moved out of my reach again. I was burning with desire: for her to lick my pussy and for me to be able to touch, caress and kiss her sexy body. She took the chocolate sauce and made a line from my boobs to the tip of my pussy, putting a little extra at the end so it would drip into my sweet spot. She took her time licking the chocolate sauce off, she was finger-painting with the chocolate, painted my boobs, painted my stomach and was playing with a puddle of chocolate in my belly button, careful to make sure some more made its way to my pussy. Her tongue and kisses were driving me nuts and she danced all around my body but not my pussy. She let the chocolate drip and run down my pussy. "Be right back", she smiled as she twisted my nipples and left the room again. I had never been so turned on and wanting to be satisfied, but unable to take control and make it happen. All I could do was join her in her giggles. She returned with a grin and straddled me, this time it was her back in my face. She leaned down and started to lick the sauce from around my throbbing pussy, she licked and sucked. I could see her pussy but couldn't reach, I was thirsty to lap up her juices. I was getting close to cumming and she stopped. She turned to face me with her big grin and kissed me and allowed me to kiss her neck and as soon as I tried to suck her beautiful boobs she pulled away again. This was pure sensual intoxication.

She lept off the bed and got the dildo that I had never seen before. "Ready?", she asked. "For anything", I uttered. She brushed it against my aching pussy just for good measure. She raised the dildo and licked the chocolate off of it, she was so fucking hot. She took my right leg and wrapped the leather around and tightened it around my leg. The dick that was attached to the strap stood straight up like a good soldier, an nice tall soldier at that! She put her sweet pussy in my face and she was wet and I smelled her scent that I love, I eagerly licked and sucked and just as quickly she pulled away. She eased herself down on the dildo on my leg, I tried to move my leg and she said "No, don't move". She moaned and sounds of pleasure rolled off her lips as the soldier was buried in her, she started rocking and leaned forward and kissed me and my boobs while she was working the dick. My leg was a captive and I was on the edge of an orgasm so that when she screamed and came, I did too. After we came, she licked the chocolate off of me and I had several more orgasms. My cuffed wrists had made my arms tired by now and she gently took the cuffs off and at long last I was able to hug and touch my lover. "That is one way to keep you still, isn't it?" That was a night like no other and indeed, I experienced passion as I have never known before.

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1/11/2006 9:10 pm

is that for real? very nicely written. my mind thanks you for the vissual. peace!

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1/12/2006 6:05 am

Hey thanks and yes, it is/was real. Now I am in search of my next.

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