The Blue Bead  

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5/24/2006 12:09 pm

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The Blue Bead

Many moons ago, that's about 20 years, I was just divorced, hated my job and hadn't been on vacation in 3 years. My travel agent suggested I go to Club Med. I then had to choose a site since there were about 40 of them. I ended up going to Eleutra in the Bahamas. It was a beautiful island and turned out to be quite a crazy place. Since the disco doesn't open until about 11, I made sure I was there early. In a short period of time I met a very attractive woman from Dallas. We hit it off and were having a conversation over the loud music when I started laughing in answer to one of her questions. She asked why I was laughing and I said that I thought she said lets go skinny dipping. She then said I did. It wasn't the first or the last but there was something special about it since there were people walking around and we were like 2 dogs in heat. By the time I went to bed it was after 3 and I was up by 6:30, unable to sleep. I went for a jog on the beach and was still trying to get rid of all my anxiety. I was walking back to our beach when I noticed a turquoise shell in some seaweed. I stopped to pick it up and noticed that it was a blue bead. Before they had all inclusive, you actually had to buy drinks, so instead of paying for them you bought beads. They had orange, white and yellow, but no blue. I automatically placed it in the band of beads I was wearing around my neck without even thinking about it. I only walked about 100 feet when I met a girl on the beach and before I could even say hello, she asked where I had gotten the BLUE BEAD. I told her about finding it on the beach and almost immediately thought I need a better story. Sure enough not 2 minutes later I meet another girl, note: attractive women like to walk the beach very early in the morning, who immediately asked where I got the blue bead. My mind is still blank so I instinctively asked you never heard about the blue bead? Of course she answers no and then it was time for me to tell her about it. I guess I still had sex on my mind not to mention she was an extremely attractive girl. The order of the blue bead I told her is awarded to the individual who is selected to try and satisfy all members of the opposite sex during the week they are there. Try saying that with a straight face. I just kept embellishing on the story from that point on. By the next day I had GO's, the people who work there believing the story. I can honestly say I can relate to how rock stars feel. I was hit on by so many women I lost count. Single, divorced, married, skinny, fat young, old, you name it. I had sex in the water, in a tree, in a boat, in a shed, many beds, different positions , to the point that I was sore and not interested any more. That only made it worse for those who hadn't tried to set the record. The only person I confided in was a correspondent for time magazine who was there with his wife, on separate vacations. He kept bringing girls to me at the bar who would freak out when the saw the Blue bead. This is probably the best story i have and is absolutely true. I am now trying to relive the good ole days. Times change but there are still good times out there somewhere.

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Great story!

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Do you still have that blue bead?

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