Our Perfect Night  

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6/14/2005 7:56 pm

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Our Perfect Night

Our perfect night

You would come into the room dressed provocatively ready to perform a striptease for my wife and me. The music starts and you work your hands up and down and across your body paying special attention to your erogenous zones. Twisting, turning, and rubbing, it’s arousing just thinking of this. Your hips are swerving as though they are not attached to the rest of you. Your hands run across you’re your breast, squeezing and pressing/pinching your nipples. You notice the arousal in my pants as you approach me while I’m sitting on the sofa with my wife beside me, not so close to be in your way but close enough to hear and feel you caressing my body. You unbutton my shirt and grab my chest with both of your eager hands, twisting and playfully pulling on my nipples. You then straddle me with one leg on each side of mine. You reach between your legs and line up my rock hard cock with your pussy. Slowly and strongly you begin to grind and ride my cock through my pants. As you are driving me insane, you lean over to my wife and start talking to her and telling her how much you love riding my cock and that you are going to swallow it right in front of her. You get her so aroused, she starts rubbing her pussy and I can see her turning wet through her pants as you continue to talk to her. Still slowly grinding my cock you grab your breasts and start playing with them in front of me. After whispering to my wife and asking her could you help her get off, you reach over to her and start playing with her breasts. While you have one hand on my wife’s tits, you place the other on my shoulder so you can lean your nipples close enough to me so I can suck and play with them. Grinding, playing, and being sucked all at once proves to be too much for you and you begin to moan. Within a few minutes, a mischievous grin comes over your face and you slide off of my lap between my legs, and as my wife helps you, my pants are removed. With my cock fully erect, you turn to my wife and smile which brings a smile to her face as you start to take my manhood deep in your throat. My wife leans down to you and asks if you are enjoying her husbands cock and you reply, with my cock still in your throat, mmmh huhhh. The vibrations from the back of your mouth make my head roll back in disbelief. So aroused I reach down and grab your breasts and start playing with your nipples. While sucking and licking my cock and playing with my balls, you soon drive me to the most powerful climax I have ever felt. After squeezing my balls, I soon empty them all over your face and tits.

As I get up and head to the restroom to clean up and gain my composure, I hear you say to my wife “your turn.” With the erotic tunes still coming through the radio, your dancing skills ignite and kick-in. While dancing above my wife, you start telling her how much you enjoyed getting her husband off in front of her. As she replies how much she enjoyed it also, she begins removing her shirt. You start massaging her breasts and manipulating her nipples with both hands. You start riding one of her legs, rubbing your wet pussy up and down. You then, stand up and spread my wife’s legs and bend over and begin licking her clit. At this time, I have regained my composure and returned only to see my wife moaning and grinding your face and the most perfect ass sticking up in the air as to say “here eat this”. Well not wanting to disappoint such a perfect ass and the moment, I walked over and started massaging your pussy on both sides of your lips careful not to invade the moistened region where I was headed next. As I was rubbing your pussy, I slide one finger just inside and started working on your clit. While working your clit with my index finger, I slide my thumb deep inside your pussy. Now as I’m working both your clit and the depth of your honey pot, you become soaking wet. As your moans become more intense, I look at my wife and smile at her as if to say this is good. She just throws her head back in ecstasy as you are tearing up her pussy you’re your tongue. While driving my wife crazy and riding my right hand, I decide it’s time to taste that beautiful pussy. As I remove my finger from your clit, I replace it with my tongue. Working your clit with my tongue and now replacing my thumb with two of my fingers, I start to really work your pussy. Your moans become more intense and with that so do my wife’s. I shove my face as far as I can into your pussy and with my tongue I reach the far depths of your erogenous region. While I’m there I begin sucking as hard as I can. Pulling and sucking, your pussy feels as though it’s being turned inside out. You grab the back of my head and shove my head even farther in your pussy. I begin to suck harder and harder more intensely than before. You finally have an orgasm on my eager face. After you let go of my head and I can now breathe, I look down at my throbbing cock which is longer and harder than ever. I lean over to you and ask if you are ready for my hard cock in your pussy. You reach around with your hand and grab one of your ass cheeks and spread your pussy as to say “hell yes”. I remove my wet hand from your pussy and rub your come around the head of my cock, as if I needed to be lubricated. I lay both hands on your ass and with both of my thumbs I spread your pussy apart and slide my cock into your wet hole. I start shallow with my thrusts at first slow then faster. As the thrusts get quicker you start moaning, I give you more and more until my balls are beating the front of your pussy. With one hand grabbing on each side of your waist and pounding your pussy, I start to moan. I look down at my wife and as she smiles she asks “ Are you having fun?” “ Is that pussy good?” I look at her and give her a wink to say oh yes. After pounding you for minutes, I grab your waist just a little tighter and give one more hard thrust but this time leaving my cock deep inside you. I explode! And explode! And explode! Exhausted and still leaving my cock inside you, I begin massaging your lower back then work my way up to the back of your neck. After you, my wife, and myself clean up, we head out for a drink to relax and have fun.

sweetnjuicy1970 47F
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6/27/2005 8:37 am

Wow...sounds like a dream cum true! I definitely love the way you think...

rm_amerotica 48F

6/29/2005 10:02 pm

what a fantasy-would love to be apart of that-mmmmmmmm

rm_mmmmmm631 52F

3/18/2006 12:37 pm

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh my pussy is soaking imagining this great night. Tell me, what would you two have me wearing?? And do you two like to talk dirty while sucking and fucking and being sucked - I like it?? And would you mind if while we're out for drinks, I grab your wife and head out to the dance floor. We do a slow, titalating dance, teasing not only you, but hopefully others too, but letting them know that we are with you.

What a beautiful imagination you have - keep the story going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deanlisa 42M/46F

6/7/2006 7:50 am

Great blog We hope it comes true for you one day soon !

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