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4/29/2006 9:17 pm

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Why do people look at poll blogs and are too lazy to vote ???
We have noticed other people's polls, including ours, there can be 1000 views but only 50-100 votes.
The votes aren't put next to your name, so nobody knows that you have voted, so what's the big deal in voting.
People take the time to do these blogs and voting polls, so if you have the time to read them then please vote.
We're sure that we speak for alot of fellow bloggers, who have 1000's of views and only a few votes.

1234567894555 41M
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4/30/2006 6:34 am

hello sexy

gdgrls4fun 56M/40F  
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8/9/2009 12:31 am

Kind of ask the same question- why keep posting articles but fail to update the blog for 3 years???
Anochronisms persist, but that's your choice.

luvpussyandcock2 47M/50F
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8/17/2009 5:21 pm

gdgrls4fun.... hmmmm cause the post was three years old why are you reading it then or is your life that boring you got nothing better to do than read stupid blogs... You make us laugh... Got bored with blogging 3 years ago because of this reason ... It took three years for someone to answer lmfao......Get a life mate cause we have lol. Another wanna be....

luvpussyandcock2 47M/50F
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8/17/2009 5:24 pm

gdgrls4fun... just checked out your fake profile too .... how pathetic.... At least we are honest ....

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