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5/10/2006 5:30 pm

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Yearly visits

Ladies this is meant in no way to take away the seriousness or importance of taking care of yourselves. Make sure you do your monthly self breast exam and follow up with your doctor if you find anything. This blog is just my comical view of my recent check up.

So ladies, how many of you prepare for your annual gynecological visit as you would a date? You know the doctor looks at coochies all day long. So you want to make sure everything is nice and clean, right?

We shower and shave (if that's one of your grooming habits) and then wonder if you should not shave...what's normal these days? Trust me the doctor sees it all.

Then it's the decision of what to wear? I have the tendency to wear something that when I hang it up on the hook I can hide my underwear under it. LOL not becasue my underwear has holes or is not clean, but just something about your undies being on display. Again the doctor and nurse have seen probably just about everything.

Next is the breast exam. Do you lay there trying to keep your nipples from getting hard as the doctor rubs and mashes them? My doctor has these nice nature scenes - waterfalls, beaches and mountain streams - on the ceiling. I'm laying there thinking would be nice to be there (don't think that those hands are different hands on your boobs).

Then we have my favorite part..."put your feet in the stirrups and slide your butt forward to the end of the table. That's it just a little bit more."

So then the doctor wants to carry on a normal conversation with you. "How's work? this may be a little cold. How's the family? good, good. Just a bit more here and we're almost done. Where did you go on vacation? You're going to feel some pressure. Ok, all done. Everything looks good and normal. While you're getting dressed, I'll finish up the paperwork and will be back in. You'll need to call and schedule your mammogram with radiology." (Now that's another blog I'm sure.)

Ok, now we all know the "some pressure" is more than some. And WTF is looks good? does that mean it looks good as in ok good? or good as in yummy good? And normal? as compared to whose?

Then you hurry to get dressed before the door opens and your hiney is shown to the entire hallway and office. But wait that could be fun too - lmao.

Oh and if you're anal like me, make an Excel spreadsheet of your cycle and chart it to take with you to the doctor. It's better to have too much information instead of not enough.

Again not taking away from the seriousness of the check up or mammogram but it's something we all should do. If you haven't had a recent checkup, then for yourself and family, have one soon.

clitalicious67 49F

5/10/2006 7:47 pm

You know I worry myself into a frenzy when it comes time for those visits and there is just NO WAY to be sophisticated when you are nekkid and being poked at...

luvnascar 51F

5/10/2006 8:37 pm

    Quoting clitalicious67:
    You know I worry myself into a frenzy when it comes time for those visits and there is just NO WAY to be sophisticated when you are nekkid and being poked at...
lol clita I do the same thing. Funny how the things we worry about - LOL. Cracks me up with trying to put you at ease by talking regular stuff but I guess that's better than saying nothing. Glad mine's over for a year. Just have to do the booby masher.

smarty_pantz41 51F

6/9/2007 5:00 am

My most remembered gyno visit is when he asked, "Do you like your job?". My response, "Sure I do, do you like yours?". He moved the sheet tenting between my legs to look into my face and replied, "Of course I do". We had a huge laugh. He is still my favorite doc.

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