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5/24/2006 8:13 pm

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im not really good at keeping up blogs, im too lazy to write abt my boring life. neways, i like this site very much. it has its advantages and disadvantages. one disadvantage is that u get retarded ppl contacting u. see, im a standard member, so standard members !CANT EMAIL! other members. its ok if u invite me to yur network or give more specific information like email/yim/aim/numbers. but if you keep emailing me saying, "what? rnt u interested? why do u keep winking me?" obviously you arent reading my profile or comprehending things fast enough. second of all, i want to be a doctor. i cudve been a teacher, but i decided no. why, u ask? cuz im so impatient that its scary. i have a temper, so if u dont do shit like yur supposed to or yur not listening to what im saying, obviously yur lying when u say, "oh im just the person yur looking for." yur not, cuz i want a smart person, OK?!? *exhales* there i think im done

rm_chukzy05 36M

10/3/2007 12:46 am

I feel like its me you talking about hun., well hit up my AIM, its same ID as here, would love to talk to you and see what's up really.

rm_krackerrat22 33M/33M

3/25/2008 4:53 am

ill do as u say

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