Fantasy or fiction?  

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2/20/2006 12:03 am

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Fantasy or fiction?

My husband says to me, "Hey, baby, let's go out tonight!" Well, of course I get all excited. I immediately go to the bathroom, run a hot steamy tub of water and soak for a while anticipating the upcoming evening. Afterwards, I get dried off and immediately head to the bedroom to look in the closet and am not able to find anything to wear. I finally choose a low cut blouse and a pair of jeans.

I go to the living room and turn the stereo up extremely loud and listen to Nickelback as I put on my makeup and fix my hair. I get more excited as I get ready anticipating the evening. I make myself a couple of drinks while getting ready to get "loosened" up for the dance floor. Boring huh. It will get better, I promise. LOL

We are both finally ready and we proceed to the truck to go to the bar.

We choose a bar that has older people (30 and up) and find a place to sit. We usually tend to sit in the back so we can people watch. We both love doing that. We always ask each other, "Would you do him/her?".

After a while, I decide to go to the bar and get myself a drink so I can stretch my legs. There just happens to be a lady sitting there. She is of average build, brunette with medium length hair, and average looking. I say, "Hi" and she responds in the usual way. I get my drink and go back to sit with my husband.

A fast song comes starts to play and we decide to dance. The lady at the bar is out on the dance floor by herself. She notices us and starts to dance with us. She moves closer to me and starts to caress my back and then moves to my butt. We start to move to the beat and she moves her hands over my breasts. She finds my nipples and ever so gently gives a squeeze. That absolutely sends me through the roof! She moves over to my husband and starts caressing his chest. She unbuttons the top 3 buttons and opens it slightly to feel his skin. She gently squeezes his nipples. Then she slowly moves her hands down to his dick and finds that it is rock hard.

She turns to me with a big grin and tells me with her index finger to come here. She proceeds to go to the women's restroom and I follow. She opens the door for me. After I have entered, she turns around and locks the door. She moves slowly towards me and starts to unbutton my blouse. She caresses my breast through my bra. Tsatin and lace that my bra is made out of, makes my breasts more sensitive to the touch. They become rock hard.

I move closer to her and raise her arms up so I can take her shirt off. I lift her bra so her breasts are exposed. I lift her breasts to my mouth and proceed to suck and slightly bite her nipples. With one hand, I unbutton her jeans and slowly slide my hand into her panties. Her pussy is extremely wet and my fingers easily enter her. I move my fingers up a little and find that her clit is extremely large. I ever so gently caress it and she moans with delight.

I move her to the sink basin and help her to sit on top of it. She takes her shirt off completely and I suck and bite her nipples some more. She leans back and pulls her pants down to her hanging legs so I can get to her clit better. It is large with anticipation of my tongue. I take my fingers and separate her lips and start to suck on her clit. While I am sucking on her clit, I take my tongue and roll it in my mouth. Her pussy is becoming extremely wet, so I decide to place 2 fingers in her and move back and forth. This excites her.

She lays down on the counter and I proceed to roll her clit and finger her at the same time. She becomes even more excited and wet. She starts to move her pelvis and and tells me to fuck her faster. I proceed to enter one more finger into her and it slides in with ease which makes her cum.

As I am done with the "lady at the bar", the bathroom stall door opens. To my surprise, it is a co-worker. She looks at me, grins and wants to know if I am free next Friday night.

luverslookin4fun 58M/46F

3/10/2006 5:27 pm

I will never tell!!! LOL

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