Well I've been putting this one off . . .  

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5/15/2006 8:56 pm

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Well I've been putting this one off . . .

This happened to me yesterday and I was so overwhelmed I actually had to wait 24 hours before even beginning to think of posting. Truth is I'm still overwhelmed. I met an amazing man yesterday (I can't believe I'm posting this for I am afraid of revealing my feelings in case he may see it . . .don't want to scare him off or freak him out so to speak lol) From the moment I first saw him all I could think about was how hot he was . . .then we began to talk and I felt like we had so much in common . . .I felt so comfortable and at ease talking to him. Well we hung out for a couple of hours just spending time getting to know each other. Then we began to kiss . . .omg he was the best kisser (which I find totally hot) I mean this man got me wet just from his kisses. Then we went to his bedroom and he slowly removed my clothes (another thing I like it makes me feel so much better than a man who expects me to get naked myself not really sure why though)then he began to eat me. . .omg I have never had a better experience with that he made me cum THREE times just from that. Then I began to suck his cock which totally turns me on after a little of this he convinced me to do 69 (which I have only done once before and didn't really care for . . .until yesterday anyway) he made me cum again that way and wouldn't let me suck him off. Then he got me into a position that was new for me (kinda like our bodies made a big T with him between my legs on his side) I loved it. It felt wonderful and I could look at him in the face while we had sex. He had the perfect pace not too fast not too slow. I came again!!! We are definitely very sexually compatible. Also I really like him as a person and enjoyed his company. I think I've been dickmatized (a word my friend uses that is the equivalent of pussy whipped). Anyway, after that I hung out for probably an hour or two later and then went home. Sent on my way with a nice parting kiss and an I'll call you sometime during the week. So being the typical girl that I am I'm going through the will he or won't he thing. It's kinda weird though because I haven't went through that in such a long time. Oh and btw he has turned his profile off now. So what do you all think?

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5/16/2006 3:27 pm


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