Got a fantasy that needs fulfulling? Im ur girl :)  

luvableluvbunny 45F
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8/25/2005 1:35 am

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9/28/2006 4:20 pm

Got a fantasy that needs fulfulling? Im ur girl :)

Well I seem to be in the market of helping people fulfill fantasies...I had started chatting with a real cute guy on the net...he is a little on the shy side but i finally got him to tell me what he was doing on the wonderful site we call AdultFriendFinder...he proceded to tell me that he had a fantasy that he wanted to fulfill and i told him to tell me what it was and maybe i could help him...He told me that he wanted to watch two people have sex...Well that got me thinking Hmmm...I have a hook up that i see regularly who had mentioned on an occasion or two that he would kinda like having someone watch i told cutie to give me a minute while i talk to someone...well my hook up is all for this game is on...we are making arrangements as we speak to do put on our show...

I have posted other blogs talking about my sexual freedom...after doing this i will be on a whole different level with my sexuality...I am comfortable with my sexuality and I feel the need to help others have a more open and honest outlook on sex...people need to learn to put their inhibitions away and just go with the is to short...I am having so much fun...I am meeting some awesome people and life is good...anyone want to ride with me??? I want people to experience what i am is ok to ask for what u want out of is ok to want what u want and be turned on by what turns u on (within reason and the lines of the law of course) I say "just do it" So does anyone out there have any fantasies that they need help fulfilling...dont be scared...i will work with u...I want people to feel the freedom that I feel...Anyone?

rm_Balanon2 49M
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8/25/2005 2:01 pm

Well, at this point my fantasies have become rather simple. I'd be happy just to have a woman respond to an e-mail After that?

ahughjardon 61
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8/25/2005 7:56 pm

Hi Luvable! I have a fantasy that just happens to include riding (with) you! Get back to me? Ahugh

rm_Balanon2 49M
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8/26/2005 5:51 pm

Guess I'll have to come up with a new one as soon as I recover!

hard2thetouch69 45M

8/27/2005 3:53 am

Well just to throw something out, here are 3 fantasies that i have had, but never found someone comfortable enough, or maybe the word is uninhibited enough to match me.

1) I have seen people skydive in the buff, I have to wonder what it would be like, if even possible, to have sex in a freefall from 30,000 feet. How much adrenaline can your body pump through you at once. What a shock to the system that could be!!

2) Ah, the harem, what kind of bliss would it be to be sipping your favorite drink, in a comfortable chair, having your cock sucked sweetly by two luscious females, while sprawled out in front of you 6 or 7 woman are pleasing themselves and each other…(have to add the modern day touch) while football is on the big screen overhead and your favorite team is up 13 at the end of the third!

3) Purely un adulterated fun. Gallons of oil, two firm bodies, toys floating freely, juices running rampant. A man could get lost in a world such as this.

ahughjardon 61
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8/27/2005 8:19 am

Hey Luv, glad to peak your interest, you've been "peaking" mine for a while now. I imagine coming over and greeting each other with a big kiss. During which you can't help but notice my immediate "interest" and electing to do something about it right then and there. After which, I'd return the favor with much enthusiasm. Then move to another room to wear ourselves out getting to know each other better. "Nice to meet you, Luv!"

rm_Balanon2 49M
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8/27/2005 5:34 pm

OK, I'm mostly recovered.

hard2thetouch69- yes, it sounds like a good fantasy, but at 30000 ft it's so cold your dick would shrink up into your body if not fall off and she would give meaning to the term frigid. Sucks huh?

Other fantasies: two girls especially twins
mother and daughter sharing me (not in bed at same time)
three girls
a whole cheerleading team dragging into the lockerroom shower and having their way with me
a complete stranger never exchanging names
a sex worker (prostitute, stripper, porn star) wanting me for free
a cute female pizza delivery driver looking for a different type of tip
join the mile high club
do it on top of skyscraper
in a glass elevator (with twins! )
a rich guys hot daughter in his back yard by/in the pool
a dark black girl and a pale redhead at the same time
the back row of a movie theater during the show
a group grope in the dark (never know who you're doing)
swapping with another couple and watching each other (have to become part of couple for this one, makes it rather hard)
taking nude photos and being seduced by the model

Well, that's a few of them to get you started anyway

rm_Balanon2 49M
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8/27/2005 5:39 pm

This started out as an erotic story, but has actually become a fantasy for me now. Disclaimer: the names involved are purely fictitious, blah, blah, blah...

Foreplay, by Balanon

My phone rings. The blue screen urgently telling me luvableluvbunny wants to talk. I take a deep breath to help calm me down as I press ‘Accept’.

“Hello”, I say with a slight questioning to my voice as if not sure who is calling or what they want. But, I know what she wants and my pulse races faster thinking about it.

“Come visit. Right now”, she says. It is more a statement than a request and confirms my hopes.

“Let me clean up first and I’ll be right over.”

“No. Leave now. You can clean up when you get here.”

She lives a teasing distance away, I’m already going to have to stew in lust for forty minutes driving to her. I can see her point about not wasting time. “Alright, I can leave now.”

“Call me when you’re ten minutes away.”

“OK”. We hang up.

Well, that was new. I wonder what she’s planning as I brush my teeth hurriedly. The thoughts continue to tantalize as I drive as fast as I dare. Worry about the delay of being pulled over acts more to check my speed than the cost of a ticket.

Dutifully I make the call when I’m about 10 minutes out. I get the voice mail. Huh, I hope nothing came up. I skip leaving a message and concentrate on driving the last few miles. I’ll find out when I get there.

I pull up and park. When I go to knock on the door, I find a folded note with my name in friendly script taped in the middle below the knocker. It reads, <EM> Door's open. Meet me in the bathroom. </EM>

I open the door. Soft music welcomes. I see the door to the bathroom is open. Candles being the only source of illumination away from the main area, I suddenly feel overdressed. I make a stop by her room to take off my shoes, socks, shirt.

I enter the bathroom, my jeans no longer completely able to cover my swelling cock. There she is, my luvableluvbunny, luxuriating in a bubble bath. The flickering candlelight glows off the silky wet skin of her neck and breasts. She watches as I unbutton the top of my jeans to relieve some of the growing pressure before she looks me in the eye. A knowing smile on her face, “Just in time to wash my back,” she purrs.

Scooting forward slightly before sitting up, the flow of the water around her body lifts her breasts up momentarily like two perfect islands. As she sits up, water and bubbles cascade through her cleavage and drip from the bottom of her breasts. Her nipples are getting more erect and I know it’s more to greet me than due to the chill of exposure. A few sudsy clusters continue to cling to her skin. I can’t blame them.

I kneel now next to the tub and gently begin to wash her back. After a minute, she moves her arm out of the way and moves her torso back slightly more. I can take a hint. Her back was only the starting spot. Slowly I start moving my attentions toward other areas. Starting from a spot on her lower back, I reach around and rub up the far side of her body to the underarm. Leaning over her to get to that side, the sound of her breath and the feel of it on the side of my face, into my ear, tell me she is enjoying this as much as I. Finishing the far arm, I trail my hands back over her shoulder, around her neck, under the hair, over the other shoulder, joining them around the other arm. I raise the arm up as I clean, her body stretching out enticingly. I enjoy the view.

As I lower her arm, she reaches out her hand. Her eyes are closed, but she deftly finishes unfastening my jeans and pulls my cock and balls out. Oh, my god that feels good. Continuing to slowly stroke my dick, she begins to lean back again in the tub, her legs spreading slightly as she does so.

I wash her now exposed stomach before gently encircling her breasts with both hands. As I moved up her body, her hand leaves my shaft and moves up my torso, fingers running lazily through the hair on my chest. Her other hand is starting to trail up and down her inner thighs. I finish caressing her tits…for the moment. We are both past the point of any interest in just bathing.

I stand to take off my jeans and toss them back toward the door. She uses the moment to get both hands involved in her own pleasure. I understand completely. Returning to the tub I add my hands to other two touring her body randomly. I teasingly avoid her pussy. Each time one of my hands passes near her groin though her pelvis tilts forward and a moan of anticipation escapes her lips. Finally, she cannot take anymore. Grabbing my hand she guides it to the promised land.

The moment my palm touches her pussy, her legs clamp together around it. With my middle fingertip just playing around the outside of her asshole, her whole body begins to writhe around as she humps and grids her clit against the palm of my hand, moans getting louder and deeper by the second. Happily she somehow manages to get her soapy hand back to stroking my now incredibly hard boner. Her care for my interests is interrupted momentarily as she reaches a powerful climax. I don’t care as the tender touch quickly returns and I continue to pleasure her to two more orgasms.

Breathless and glowing she unplugs the drain. “Time to rinse off”, she says as she stands, pulls me into the tub, closes the curtain, and turns on the shower. We playfully wash the remaining soap residue off each others bodies. Then, lightly pressing her whole body against mine, she slowly lowers herself. My cock rubs against her belly and then starts peaking up through her tits. She squeezes her tits around my cock and balls as she starts to give me very talented head. My eyes get dreamy as I look down at this gorgeous creature taking me in her mouth, the hot water running down our bodies. She moves one hand down to pleasure herself. The obvious lust she still has sends me completely over the edge. As I cum down her throat, my knees weaken and it’s all I can do to remain standing as euphoric waves crash through my body.

She stands and whispers into my ear, “Time to dry off and move to bedroom. Foreplay’s over.”

kzilla2000 47M

8/28/2005 3:07 pm

ok, how bout your regular hook and i both do you at the same time? with your photographer taking pics, those would be some hot photo's for your collection. make that fantasy I have of you come true.

rm_Balanon2 49M
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8/28/2005 10:01 pm

luvbunney- next comes fiveplay I'll work on the next chapter. Got any inspiration for me?

And if you need a backup photographer, have camera will travel! I've done weddings before, might be fun to do a 'night of' fantasy shoot.

ahughjardon 61
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8/29/2005 8:48 pm

Hey Luv, not into surprises?
I imagine gretting you at your door with a dfk, during which you can't help but notice my peaking "interest" and pull me inside while I shut the door behind me. You drop to your knees and undo my belt and trousers which drop to the floor. You then proceed to pull down my shorts to confirm what you noticed. You take me into your mouth and proceed to give me the lovliest blowjob of my life maintaing eye contact the entire time. You take it slow to make it last seemingly forever until it can't last any longer and I send my hot cum down your throat.
I then pull you up for another dfk and start backing you up to a convenient chair or couch and gently push you down. I lift your skirt or pull down your jeans and...... you're right, no panties!
I kiss and lick up and down your inner thighs until your lovely pussy begins to glisten with anticipation. Finally I start kissing and licking that sweet pussy, lightly at times, inserting my tongue deep at others, all the while observing for what you like best until you finally convulse with delight. I pull you up again for another dfk and we move to the bedroom to disrobe fully and get into bed and fuck in our favorite positions. Mine are missionary and cowgirl (LOVE the view!) Can't wait to learn yours! After wearing ourselves out I say "Nice to meet you Luv!"

Fireman4u2dew 46M
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9/8/2005 11:14 am

POST 76996 Im ur girl!! I would love to meet you! Please call me at 927-9396

The fireman

playfulwithyou33 56F
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9/10/2005 11:08 pm

Hello...This post is to remind you about the Blogger's Convention scheduled October 21,22,23 and set for the ChicagoLand area(Bolingbrook--a suburb)

It is a chance for you to meet the folk that you have been reading, commenting, and chatting with. Before we go any further, this is NOT a giant sex orgy but a chance to interact with your new found blogging friends face-to-face.

The opening night festivities are still in the planning stage.(I need to have an actual head count on that before I can proceed and make commitments to the banquet facility. But in the plans are a Masked Ball--expected to be a lavish formal affair)

The 46 Zone Party will be held on the evening of the 22nd at the 46 Zone bar attached to the Ditka Dome(enclosed sports dome facility with an indoor driving range) Typically the bar has a live band on Saturday nights (no cover charge to date) The food and drink costs there are reasonable and one can imbibe for about twenty bucks.

There will be an "after" party on the 21st after the Masked Ball; and a "before" and "after" party on the 22nd in the hospitality suite at the hotel to continue on with the festivities. These parties will have food and alcohol/soft beverages and will be bought in bottle form with appetizer platters from local stores. The bar in the hospitality suite would be a serve yourself type of set-up.

The hotel is new and nicely furnished. Complimentary breakfasts are included with the room; the hotel has a pool, workout facility, complimentary wi-fi service, in-room coffee makers, mini refrigerators, iron & ironing board, and laptrays to support your laptops. There is a complimentary coffee bar located off the lobby area which is available 24 hours for a selection of coffees, teas, and hot chocolate. Hotel rates are reasonable and information can be found at Convention Information Pictures of the hotel and its rooms are also available for you to see.

In the works is a photo session opportunity as well as some classes/demos.

If you have not already done so, you are also invited to join bloggers of this friendly site The group was designed to address the technical aspects of blogging, but has metamorphosized into something much more--a "family" of bloggers...many of who will be attending the upcoming Convention.

Thank you for your time and I hope to meet you in person.


rm_dragon_r 59M
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11/5/2005 2:11 pm

Mmm Luvablelovebunny.. you sound like fun.. smile.. : )

if you ever get into creampies.. let me know.. thats the same as raw dogging.. and Filling the pussy with Hot cum.. and letting it dribble out.. and my place.. is Seconds.. I LOVE seconds.. smile. so.. if you pull off an orgy.. and everyone is raw doggin.. hollar at me Id love to join.. thats my fantasy.. smile.. Hugs.. N Licks.

rm_MisterEd1017 54M

11/22/2005 1:10 am

My fantasy is to have you arrange the worlds most decadent meet and great in my honor with seriously sex starved honies that refused to let me leave until I pleasured them all in some way. I love to eat pussy, but my ex would always pull me away when she came. I wanted her to ride my face like I'd never get another breath. When we got together at first, I'd get off with her as many as 5 times a day. We screwed like rabbits. I need to find some serious freaks that need what I'm selling, and a good enough immagination to fill in the blanks. Let's rock.

rm_topofQA 50M
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12/2/2005 6:01 pm

Well Luv, I did do my fantasy of having sex on the rear deck of a ferry from Seattle to the peninsula on a frosty winter morning. I am working on some new ones to post here.

SirMounts 102M

5/8/2006 3:28 am

Well, when you get an opportunity to read this... weclome back. *smiling*

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