When I got even  

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7/3/2006 12:36 pm
When I got even

It was about 9 years ago, I owned a computer company, was living with a girl, not my wife, and had a secretary who was probably the world's biggest slut.

If this isn't confusing enough, it gets better. The girl I was living with was Mollie, the girl who worked for me was Holly. Seriously.

Neither of them were beauty queens, Mollie was cute, but really over weight, and Holly, was just fugly. There's no other way to explain it. She was tall, thick, not fat, and looked like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

But that didn't stop me from fucking her every chance I got. Because this girl had NO limits. I mean none. She would do anything with anyone. And that made her attractive to all of us who were nailing her, then exclaiming to each other how nasty she was and how we wouldn't fuck her with someone else's dick.

Anyway, Mollie was a bitch. There's no other way to explain it, and she hated Holly with a passion because Mollie was certain, no matter how adamently I denied it, that I was hooking up with Holly... Which, of course, I was.

Anyway, because Mollie was such a bitch, Holly had no love towards her, and the two of them just barely tolerated each other.

One of Mollie's big fantasies was to be with a woman. We played the scene over and over. While we were all turned on, she would BEG for that and say, "No matter what I say later, I want you to set it up..." Later she'd say, "That's just fantasy."

But she had it all planned out. Her ideal setup was from a movie, although I don't know which one. She wanted me to put out clothes for her, take her to dinner, then blindfold her, take her somewhere, and have a woman meet us where the two of them would tease and please each other. Mollie never wanted to know who it was or see the other woman, she just wanted to have fun blindfolded. No talking, no nothing.

So, as I was telling Holly about this fantasy and that Mollie was so unreliable and uncertain that I couldn't ever plan to find someone to do it with. Holly came with a plan. She wanted to be the other woman.

I got a hotel room, went home and put out Mollie's clothes for the evening, I dressed her tastefully, after all, there's nothing attractive about an obese woman in slutty clothing... I put her in a knee length skirt, white blouse, and a dark colored wrap. No bra, no panties.

We went for dinner and afterward, when we got in the car, I grinned at her and held out the blindfold. I asked if she was daring enough to let it happen. She nodded as the blindfold went on.

I took her to our hotel room, where Holly was sitting in the corner, and began undressing Mollie. I pushed her back on the bed, slid in next to her, began sucking on her nipples and playing with her pussy.

She was getting really steamed up, and I kept asking her how badly she wanted to feel a woman touch her, lick her, and please her in every way. She just wiggled and moaned.

Holly stood up, and I said, "Here she is. She's taking off her shirt, wow. What a sexy bra. Oh my God, she has the most gorgeous tits... You're going to love sucking on them, Mollie... Here go the pants, Mmmm... A hot little thong, and there it goes, a bare pus under it... You are going to love this..."

I asked if she wanted to suck on the mystery womans tit, she just cooed and nodded.

Holly leaned over and put a nice big tit right in Mollie's face and watched her tongue slide all over it before sucking it gently...

Then Holly moved down, sucked on Mollie's tits, slipped down and ate her out while I put my cock in Mollie's mouth.

After Mollie had cum numerous times on her tongue, they decided to switch. Mollie crawled right between Holly's legs and started eating her out like crazy.

While Mollie was going down, Holly had my cock in her mouth and was giving me the world's most amazing head.

It was a perfect couple of hours. When we were all done, Holly dressed and left, Mollie and I screwed the rest of the night.

Not long after, I moved away, but still kept loosely in touch with Mollie. She often asked if I remembered that time...

I just had to laugh.

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