4th of July Fun  

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7/4/2006 5:34 am
4th of July Fun

Here's another memory from the old days...

I spent a couple weeks over the 4th of July Holiday camping with my brother. The first week was uneventful, but when Thursday came along, a family took the spot right across the path.

I noticed immediately that it was a couple in their mid to late 40's, a woman, with blonde hair, slender build and a great ass, her husband who looked to be in good shape, and a daughter who was smokin hot.

I studied them carefully, and had introduced myself to the daughter, Kerri. She was hangin out with her parents this weekend because she was going to college in a month and this was the last family vacation. We spent the day BS'ing and hangin around.

As the evening came, she went to hang with other people, leaving her parents by themselves. It wasn't long before they had gone in their camper, and started having sex. You know how those campers are, not sound proof in any way with the canvas tops and screen windows.

Let me tell you, this woman was a screamer. She was clearly getting what she wanted, and my brother and I sat in our chairs by our little fire and just listened.

They were up quite late into the night, not that we minded. Neither of us were getting any, my brother had just gone through an ugly divorce, and I was going through a dry spell myself.

The next morning, I was up early (damn sun through tents!) and the woman from across the way was outside. I wasn't very discreet, I stared at her, wondering what she looked like naked, what she was taking last night, etc.

She wandered over and introduced herself to me as Karen. I said, "Sounded like you guys were having a great time last night, Karen..." She didn't blush, flinch, or skip a beat. She said, "Oh, yeah. We had a great time for being alone."

It turned out, they enjoyed swapping. I had always wondered about being with a couple, but hadn't ever experienced it.

It wasn't long, though, before the flirting got out of control and she asked if I would be interested in joining them later.

Skipping ahead, I entered their camper to find the two of them naked. She was sucking him like a Hoover. His eyes were closed and his head tossed back. She motioned me over, undid my pants, and proceeded to switch between us. Alternating taking us in her mouth and stroking.

She was hot and ready, and her husband told me he loves watching her get screwed, would I mind going first and letting him watch...

Ummm... HELL NO I don't mind...

She spread her legs and we went at it. He and I took turns with every hole she had, making large deposits everywhere before I took off...

Later in the evening, Kerri came over and was chatting about this and that before she got around to what she really had on her mind... "I heard you with my parents this afternoon... I was coming to get sun block, but there was so much noise I just kept on walking..."

I didn't know what to say, and just sat there.

She continued, "Sounded like you were having fun, though... Maybe you and I could go somewhere and have some fun of our own?"

Off to the beach we went, spread out a towel, and we went at it. It wasn't slow and passionate, there wasn't much foreplay, it was a simple get naked and fuck me session. Which was just fine with me.

That week I fucked Karen repeatedly, both with and without her husband present, and spent a lot of time fucking Kerri.

It's a week I'll never forget, though... First time with a couple, and first time getting a mother and daughter in the same day...

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