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4/30/2006 5:52 am

We had gone out to a local night where we had had a nice dinner and were just enjoying the atmosphere as they had a band playing and there was a dance floor that patrons could get up and dance.
You were wearing a dress that was firm fitting which was cut so that pushed up and exposed the top of your tits. The other feature of the dress was that it had a deep slit at the front. The top of the slit finished just below where your pussy would be. You had high heeled shoes and no panty hose or stockings.
The dinner was great and I must admit we did have a bit to drink during the meal and after as we listened to the music and watched others on the dance floor. The band started to play something slow. You reached over taking me by the hand you said ‘Lets dance’. You led the way to a quiet corner of the dance floor away from the rest of the couples on the floor. It was dimly lit and set the mood for what you had in mind. We really didn’t dance as such but just swayed together.
Lifting yourself onto your toes, I felt your left arm come up over my right shoulder as you put your hand at the back of my head and your head slipped next to mine with your mouth next my left ear. ‘I want you to fuck me now, right now, my cunt is so hot and wet it wants your cock inside it. Besides I’ve got no panties on and the insides of legs are getting covered with my cunt juice’. You lowered yourself down so that the heels of your shoes were back on the floor.
Your hands slipped in between us and I felt you catch hold of the zipper to the fly of my pants and push it down its full length. With one hand you pushed the top of my briefs down until they were caught under my balls. With my now hardening cock prodding at you, you lift the front of the skirt to your dress so that it is above you cunt. As you raise yourself onto toes I bend my knees slightly so that my cock slips in between your legs and into the cavern of your cunt. You lower yourself back down. My cock is now deep into your cunt. All the time that this was happening I had my hands placed firmly on you arse cheeks so as to keep our bodies together.
Now that I was inside of you, your hands were now around my neck and your tits pressed into my chest. We didn’t actually dance we just seemed to sway with you gyrating you hips on my cock.
You must have been hot for it didn’t seem that long when you whispered that you were coming and wanted me to fill you with my come. ‘Yes, now; fill me now, please’. You felt my first jets of come. ‘Oh fuck yes, that feels so fucking good’. As you felt my come you ground your pelvis harder into mine making my cock go deeper into you cunt. ‘Oh fuck that was good’ was all you said.
The dance bracket was coming to a close. My deflating cock came out of your cavern. Taking the top of my briefs you put my wet cock back into them and zipped up my fly. ‘Would have loved to have washed it before putting him away’ you said cheekily. The dance finished and we walked back to the table. As we walked back you could feel my come seeping from you cunt onto the inside of your legs.
Back at the table you picked up your bag, ‘Lets get home, we have some unfinished business to attend to’ you said. I couldn’t agree more I thought to myself
The trip home was quick.

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