Are we Men Losing to the Darkside  

luv2teeze 76M
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3/21/2006 5:13 pm
Are we Men Losing to the Darkside

Searching through all the ladies files I have CUMto the conclusion that most of u want to run off and have it OFF with a member of the same sex.
Don't get me wrong ladies, I like to go muff diving/skinny dipping while I don't mind watching women enjoying each other.
Q. What is it that the other can give that a MALEcan't, other than that sweet nectar that comes from within.
As I see it the rate this happening to us males, we will be wanking off at the local sperm bank just so u girls can get it artificialy at a later date.
Please, girls keep us fellas in the loop so that we can enjoy what u have to give.

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