Not tonight...I just bought batteries!  

luv2slipnslide 54M
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7/15/2005 5:19 pm

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5/10/2006 9:42 pm

Not tonight...I just bought batteries!

One of the many things i've discovered about women under 40 in the last few years is their increasing dependance and use of dildo's and vibrators and other things that go buzz in the night. Those of you that know me understand my feelings about these "devices" and understand my wonder at how these things have worked their way into sexplay, and for those folks i'll wait a moment till you move on to the next blog...........................ok, now that were alone, here are my's just this simple...if you and I were involved in the heat of the moment and I said..."just a second, let me grab this picture of my ex-girlfriend" and hold it over the top of your face, then soon after doing so reached this incredible orgasm, how would YOU feel!....a little inadequate!...HMMMMM?....this is kind of an extreme example, and no, i'm not really that insecure about my sexual performance but there has to be limits established. Large non-automated dildos are always fun to use on women and watch for that matter. If it's a dildo though it's got to be HUGE in order to really make things interesting. Something that would make Trigger blush...a baseball bat always livens up the party!. As far as the automated stuff i've pretty much outlawed it. first of all, the noise just plain cracks me up! and second, I actually saw one start to sputter, burn out and smolder while inside this one woman, while laughing our asses off, I didn't know whether to call 911 or just wait to see if she could still get off!. We opted to throw the sputtering, now burning automated lover in the toilet bowl only to watch it gurgle it's last and then finally give way to death. Still mourning it's untimely death, I helped her clip away the burnt pubic hair, the last evidence of a tragic and untimely death...then I just helped her care of business...the old fashioned way So, there you have it folks... another lesson learned....Play safe, Les

slidein2meplz 62F
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8/16/2005 6:29 pm

that was funny. So, it actually got to that point huh? Amazing. Come to think of it... the buzzing sound is awfully funny aren't they. I'd be "skeer'd" of something big enough to make Trigger blush, and baseball bats...yikes. Good story...I needed a laugh.

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rm_coppercanyon 52F

12/22/2005 6:01 pm

Baby you'll never need anything but what the Goddess gave you to make me happy. (Except a condom of course - inside joke) Hope you are having a terrific holiday and if you don't have anything going New Year's Eve come have a drink with me at the French Quarter and celebrate my independence!!!!

luv2slipnslide 54M
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1/1/2006 10:14 pm

Bravo darling!

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