Unusual Places  

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2/16/2006 8:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Unusual Places

I was asked where some of the places where I have had sexual encounter. I have had sex in the bedroom, on the bed, in the shower, on the couch, in the kitche, (I was sitting on the counter with my legs spread open and was eaten), in the dining room, on the dining room table, on the floor on various rooms, in an elavator (we stopped the eleavator in between floors), in a car, on a office desk, in a chair, over a chair, on a coffee table, in a car, on the grass, in a hot tub, in a restroom in a bar and in a restroom in a rest area on the NJ turnpike. But we got back into the car to head on our trip, and while in the parking lot, we started to neck again. His hand slipped up under my blouse and under my bra to take my nipple between his fingers, gently squeezing it and massaging it. Little to say, my blouse and bra came off to give him more access. His lips were sucking a bresst and his other hand was massaging the other breast, when he realized that we were running late. He got the car going while having his hand on my breast, massaging my breast while we were driving up the road. After a bit, he asked that I unzip his pants so that I could suck him off. After unzipping his pants and getting his hard cock out, I started to suck on his cock and got him off, still being topless. When I sat sat back up, I realized that he had turned the dome light on. I relexed in my seat and he would put his hand over to tweak on my nipples as we traveled up the road. Only later did I realize that with the dome light on, at night, that the truck drivers were able to see what was going on in the car. I realized then I must like showing off a bit in public. But to this day, I always wonder what those drivers saw andd what they thought!

rm_Nuts4Boobs69 54M

2/17/2006 9:38 pm

I really enjoyed reading this blog entry. Actually this is the very first blog I ever viewed and replied to. Your pierced nipples sound so great to me. I remember the first time I make love to a woman with those. I was the first to suck on her nipples after she got them pierced. it was the first time for that for both of us. I would so much love to be sucking on your tits while playing with your pussy too. The only thing is that I truly love to lick a woman's pussy and suck on her clit and devour her pussy juice. So after I got your all hot and juicy, I would need to bury my face in your crotch. I hope you will enjoy it. I hope to keep chatting with you.

BaltTigger 50M
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2/18/2006 8:45 am

The next time you do it - have a small portable CB radio and listen. The truckers tell each other about these things.

mustlovedaily69 54M

2/19/2006 10:27 pm

trust me, as a truck driver, we love to see it. nudity, sex, it doesnt matter, we like it all. keep it cuming. im on the turnpike everynite, i"ll be looking.

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