First Things First  

luv2likcupl69 51M/33F
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2/24/2006 5:23 pm

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6/16/2006 11:21 pm

First Things First

Lots and Lots of foreplay ... "Foreplay starts right after you get done having sex/making love"

emailustotalk 48M/49F
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2/25/2006 10:13 am

I can agree with that. Seams like foreplay is always started with a small sweet kiss and then the soft touch to the bodies. The rubbing our skin and lips and all twisting and turning as one. The feeling of the heat between us. For us that can go on for awhile sometimes much longer if the teasing is in play. Then after we are steamed as if a lost time like we are lost in some time laps. The sex, making love, or the good hard F2*! is O so good.

We have never given it a thought about that after glow phase. The kind that when we have total loss of feelingsin our body. As I we rest for a moment. That is the best foreplay when woring on round two and 3. We know that feeling and agree foreplay is on going with the right partners.

A good doctor would say that everyone should do and repeat as many times as they can a week or day.

mr69er84 32M
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3/5/2006 12:00 pm

I like how yall think. hit me up if yall want to have a little fun

moby69691000 47M
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3/9/2006 11:53 am

Fore-play is an art some are artistic while others are not. Myself I enjoy the foreplay before ,a little teasing during and definetly after so we can begin the next round as stimulated as we were for the first. I Love bringing a women to the edge when she can hardly take anymore give her a little bit of penetration but then pull back out and allow my tounge to massage her clit and when she is steamy wet Slidddde it in slow and deep and work up to a nice fast pace as my balls smack againts her wet pussy. All in All foreplay is great if you have the artistic flow. If you want you can contact me at flashroar on the y maybe we could flow together sometime.

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