Today is one of those days....  

luv2havefun0000 40F
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5/12/2006 4:28 pm
Today is one of those days....

Today is one of those days that I would love to have a good movie and curl up on the couch with a special someone.Grab my blanket to help keep us warm and play around while we watch the movie.Rainy days are great for this! I would get out my massage oil and candles to help the mood along.....Tonite is the perfect nite for some intense , dripping wet with sweat,kinda sex! Starting out nice and gentle and then more passionately....I really crave that ..I don't want any empty promises,or lies,just the sounds of us having the most orgasms we've ever had..One nice,relaxing nite of passion..Now all I need is a! HAA... Doesn't it sound great???

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