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3/14/2006 8:45 pm

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have you ever noticed when you really want sex,all your fuck buddies seem busy? lol..Maybe it is just me.I get horny at the worst possible times I guess! lol..KInda funny how that happens...Has anyone every felt that way or is it just me?I mean,there are some days I could really use some nice,soft affectionate sex,so,I try to make it happen,still no luck,then I try even harder on the days when I need the good hard fucking with no strings,u know,the kinda you don't feel like you even have to call them ever again afterwards or at the very least,the next time you are horny.,there's that little pressure.It stops being fun when there's obligations,am I right? I think we are all looking for something different,that is why we are on obligations here kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it?lol..Just some random thoughts...Would love to hear back from anyone who knows what I

jschwans 39M
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3/14/2006 9:41 pm

luv2. . . where are you at. . . .I feel the same way. . .when I want it (which is anytime anywhere) it seems like others are not around or able to get together. . . . We should try to help each other out? Let me know.


luv2havefun0000 41F

3/15/2006 7:45 am

You have a great pic and sound great by your profile! Too bad I am so far away,u seem really cool...Check out my profile and u will see where I am ,Take care and thanks for the post! M

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