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4/26/2006 3:35 pm

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Anyone bored enough to

I just added a poll to my blog about men in uniform..I saw a few really hot cops around and it got me to thinking..What kind of uniform is the sexiest?? You have the military man,What bigger turn on than to know he was man enough to enlist and serve his country,a natural protector...VERY SEXY!!! On the other hand,who can help but smile when you have been caught speeding only to have this hot looking cop walking toward your care dressed to the 9's..Very sexy sexy blacks and blues and even some browns in the uniforms,not to mention those pants that hug in all the right places! Don't tell me u didn't notice!! lol...U are torn between wanting to flirt and picturing him with his handcuffs.... Oh yeah,that is a great one!And we have fireman.....Hot guy ,Big hose,and flashing lites,what's not to love?? He is playing with fire and taking risks..VERY SEXYYYYY!!! Need I say more?? Then we have the Construction/rugged good looks....You know the one's I mean,the guy with the Carhartt's and work boots?? OMG,something about a man that is NOT afraid to get dirty!I love that outdoor kinda guy!Picture all those nights he comes from a hard job to relax with you!! Aaahhh the sexy shower's and outdoor sex! Very sexy too!!!This is just a few examples of why I love every uniform equally! The most important thing is who is in them....Thank God for those sexy men and those sexy uniforms,I love them all!!!

rm_girthee69 50M

4/29/2006 4:34 pm

Wish U would catch me at my . A saw ur wink & would like 2 be more direct.


5/1/2006 1:30 pm

National Park forest rangers don't get enough attention. And they certainly have good access to the great outdoors.


luv2havefun0000 40F

5/1/2006 1:56 pm

Good point there KC JJ...Thanks for reminding me of those sexy guys too!! Maybe I will be taking a trip tomorrow to the state park...I'd love to explore the forest ranger...Very sexy! Thanks again KC... BTW,I loved your Bloggs and profile,u sound cool..

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