Between there and Here  

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8/27/2005 10:52 pm

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Between there and Here

So I've been here in the United States for about 6 years and it never fils to amaze me the number of differences between my home country (is it still home after 6 years away? ) and here in Corpus Christi and, as I suspect, the United States.

First thing is sports. We have a game called football over there because it's a game where you use primarily your foot. Here it is called soccer for reasons that I really don't understand. Here football is a game that you play with your hands and body and only roughly 10% of the time does your foot come into contact with the ball.

Then there is the thing about World Championships. Back in the Caribbean when you have a "World Championship" a funny thing happens; the world turns up to compete. Here the world championship can consist of fifty or more teams all from the same country. "Small world" is what I say.

Okay next is the language. I heard somewhere that England and the US are two countries separated by a common language. One word jumps out at me; Homecoming. What are we coming home from ? I have asked and asked and noone can give me a clear cut answer to that one. I didn't know we went somewhere especially since the the game at high school called the Homecoming game usually takes place way before any away games.

Does the word "different" qualify as a singular comparative? Or is it an adjective that describes something ? If it's the second then how does the construction "different than" make sense? I can understand "more differnt than" or something like that. Shouldn't it be "different from"?

Everyone from the age of 7 knows that the easiest times table you will ever have in school is your 10 times tables. If we all know that, then how the hell come we haven't changed to the metric system yet ? Everyone else has. I heard that the reason why that first multi million dollar probe to Mars failed was because one of the teams was working in feet and inches while the rest of the world (wider than 50 states here) was working in the metric system. One times ten is ten two time ten is 20 and so on and so on.....

.....and last but not least, Why is it so important for everyone to know how smart they are? Is it really that great to know that you know a lot of stuff? How about we work to being intelligent? We might know a little less, but we sure would know what to do with it. At least that way if there is something we don't know we can say so without the fear of others saying "If he's so smart, how come he doesn't know that?". We would even know where to go look it up when we have to. Then we will see how many countries make up a world, where we've been and where we're coming home from, the correct pronunciation of "Iraq" and that the letter 'h' is not automatically silent.

Well that's just my rant. Sound off on it if you so feel it is in your favour. (Yes, I spelled it with a 'u' in it. It's English. Look it up.)

luther out


P.S. look out for Part 2, "Stupid stuff that we do that you don't"


Fallic40 53M
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8/29/2005 8:38 pm

Someone once told me that going to the metric system woould be "un-american". I suppose they are under the impression that the imperial measurements are American.

Also, I work in the sheetmetal industry in Oregon and between that industry and the logging industry, the metric system is doomed to fail because no-one in those industries have all 10 fingers.

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