The Origins of Kinks (part 2)  

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9/24/2005 11:09 am

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The Origins of Kinks (part 2)

So here's a few more of my kinks, interests, fantasies, things I might like to try, whatever and the point at which I think I started getting horny thinking about them or doing them. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't have more comments from folks describing their own origin stories or even telling me what a sick bastard I am for having such ideas or even trying to self-analyze. Whatever, this is pretty much a carnal brain-dump for me, anyway.

Pregnant women: This one started when I overheard a rather attractive lady I worked with tell someone that she loved being pregnant because sex was so good and she was always horny when pregnant. This would tend to explain why she was pregnant four times in the 7 years I worked with her. Anyway, that started a series of fantastic fantasies for me. So now, I like to see naked pregnant women. This has extended itself to include lactating women.

Aggressive women: I think this is another one of those Freudian things. My mom (and most of her sisters and my grandmother) were total bitches--I'm not hating here, they just were. I have a friend who says she knows what kind of guys she should be dating, but she always ends up with the other kind--the bad boys. I love nice girls (especially when they get a little naughty), but sometimes a real bitch (like my ex-wife) just pushes my buttons.

Anal penetration (by a woman!): This started in two places. In my early masturbation days, I figured out that fingering myself around my asshole felt good. Eventually, I was fantasizing about my girlfriend (or Lucy from "Dallas") sticking her finger in my ass while blowing me. Later, my doctor (a very attractive friend of the family) gave me a prostate exam during a physical. Having her finger in me was good enough (it was the first time anyone but me had put anything up there), but when she got to my prostate, I almost passed out it was so good. Sadly, I was 40 before I found a woman willing (and eager) to do that for me.

OK--that's enough for now. More later.

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