More Origins of the Kinks  

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9/26/2005 6:29 pm

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More Origins of the Kinks

OK. This is the last one. Not because I'm out of kinks and interests, but because I'm tired of writing about them.

Exhibitionism: I'm an exhibitionist and a frustrated nudist. That doesn't mean I'm the guy that jumps out and waggles his dick at unsuspecting passersby. No. I just like being naked or as close to naked as possible as often as I can. This started when I was in high school and realized I could easily sneak out of my bedroom window undetected. While other kids my age were sneaking out to party or date or whatever, I was sneaking out after Saturday Night Live went off to run around the neighborhood completely stark naked. I loved the sensation of the night air against my skin, and the thrill of the possibility of getting caught. I lived in a pretty quiet neighborhood, so getting caught wasn't likely to happen. Eventually, I would end up one someone's patio wanking myself silly just from the sheer joy of being outside and nude.

Voyeurism: I'm not a peeping tom in the classic sense, but I sort of started out that way. I had a neighbor when I was young who had bamboo shades on her windows. At night, you could see in but she (I think) had no idea--either that or she was the best kind of neighbor for a teenage boy to have--a hot, exhibitionistic young woman. These days I tend to limit my voyeurism to peoplewatching at the beach, at the mall, or, well, anywhere--but not by sneaking around at night. I try to keep it all legal, since apparently smiling at the wrong person can get you a sex offender jacket in today's weird-ass society.

So there you have it. My suspected origins for some of my favorite fetishes.

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