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10/10/2005 11:48 pm

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letters to china

recent letter to b___ from LL in response to delightful broken english
beautiful ______ - the moon has many faces - she has eyes that are open and shut at the same time - and strange words spill into the silence - words spoken by the silence of space and time - who is the moon to judge us? - who is the moon to see us? - and what of us two? - two lonely people - seeking understanding from those who cannot understand?

- concrete rising from the bowels of the earth - armor for the living - pierced by the beams of the moon - thin, yet heavy as a wedding veil - written in time as a millisecond - an eternity where two lovers are bathed and carressed in the reflected glimmer - and yet i find you beautiful - beautiful imposter? - bathed in moonlight - seeking me - addicted to the glowing image - an image that now comes to you in the night -

prepare for me, lover from across the galaxy - with your lipstick and your see through gown - moonbeams bathing your nearly naked breasts - the rising and falling of subdued passions - where the free yearn to be caged and the caged yearn to be free - prepare for my gentle kiss - our lips meet bathed in soft light - our fingers trace the atoms of passion - trying understand - helpless, unable to view it's rigid code- yet the touching continues - silk - cotton - cloth disappears - only skin - two lovers disrobe in the moonlight - unable to resist - each seperate fantasy spins - endless - circling within a circle - a spiders web of tales and truths and stories yearning to be told - and what of truth ?- and what of fantasy? - was it real? - a story from the fabled depths - of millions who gave their lives in quiet unrest - yet you and i - in perfect intercourse - a silent moan erupting from the lips of vesuvius - her hips bucking and convulsing on each echoing phrase of love - what now? dear b_______ - what now?

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