blue dress part 2  

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10/12/2005 12:49 am

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blue dress part 2

response to part 1 from LL to MT -
mmmm - what a perfect night with you - your little blue dress turns me on so much - i have just been staring at you all night - i've had this nervousness about me that only goes away when i am touching you - we had so much fun dancing - i was really working up a sweat - and then when the slow dancing came we were just grinding our bodies together - my hands were all over your beautiful ass and i didn't care who was looking - then you wrapped your legs around me and i swear i could hear your pussy talking to me -

when we got out into the car it was funny -'cause we were totally lost in these passionate kisses - i was kissing your neck in the car - more like biting really - we were so turned on-- and you were rubbing your hands all over my crotch - and these skateboard punks came up and knocked on the window and yelled something and ran off laughing - i'm glad we could entertain them , but they didn't even slow us down!

- then we decided to head for my place - and as soon as we walked in the door we were all over eachother - it's like we couldn't contain ourselves - our lips were locked together - i leaned back against the piano - and you leaned against me - i kissed your neck and began running my tongue down to your top - i've been so turned on by the shape of your breasts all night long - now i have to kiss them - i lift your top and run my tongue over your nipples - god you taste so good - this is your taste - your sweaty nipples leave a taste that is so delicious in my mouth - and the aftertaste lingers pleasantly on my tongue - like a fine wine - i will always remember the way you taste tonight -

and i want to taste you all over tonight - now we go to my bed - we are lying on my quilted bedspread now - your dress is so beautiful i don't want to take it off just yet - but you have done quite a nice job undressing me! -your hands run across my naked back - do you like my nice back muscles - all that workout on the job has given me a strong back - oh - you are unbuttoning my pants - this is too much - you are driving me crazy, mt - oh - you've taken everything off of me now - is this fair? - you still have your sparkly dress on! -and i'm all naked - now you are holding my stiffness with your beautiful hands - oh - your beautiful fingers are wrapped around my erection - i love your fingernails - this is sooo sexy -

now we are lying in bed together and i am running my hands down to your blue panties - oh they are so cute - now i am pressing my lips on your panties - - i am breathing through them - can you feel my warm breath on your pussy? - i pull your panties to one side and begin to gently lick your beautiful vagina - i am licking you like a cat - with a little pointed tongue - gently lapping - and probing at the folds - you are soooooo delicious - and you are making my dick so hard - i can't believe how good you taste - i can't believe that in a few minutes my stiff dick will be deep inside you -

now i am pulling at your panties with my teeth - i am pulling them off - just lay back and get comfortable now - because i have a story to tell you with my tongue - i have a story to tell of how beautiful you are to me - as my tongue slides gently in and out of your crack - it tells you of how i love to explore your beauty and mystery - do you like how my tongue feels inside you? - i love doing this to you and i love the little moans you make when i lick you - now my tongue has another story to tell - it's a story of how good you make me feel and how much i want to give you pleasure- now we are getting into a rhythm - i start with my tongue inside you - then i run it up your pussy lips -your labia - and make little circles around your clitoris - then i flatten out my tongue and dive back in you - and i do this little pattern over and over - and as i do this pattern over and over your body starts to move with my tongue - as i reach your clit you push your hips into my face - i can tell you are loving this - i dig in a little harder around your clit with my tongue - now i am making extra loops right where it counts with my pattern - we are just going crazy with this - how many xxxs do we need to put on our little encounter? you are so excited - mmmm - i can tell you are ready to come - and i want to feel your orgasm in my mouth - oh - your body is convulsing now - you are digging your fingers into my scalp - you are in heaven now - god you are so beautiful - i am glad i can give you this pleasure

- now we are kissing again - your pussy is all wet and glistening - i want to fuck you now in your little blue dress - what's that? - you want to pleasure me first? how can i possibly say no! - oh - you are kissing my nipples now - oh now your tongue is running down over my tummy - oh god -mt - you are taking me in your mouth now - do i taste as good to you as you taste to me? - oh =oh = i have never been sucked with such passion before - your lips are closed tight around me - come on mt - let's fuck like crazy now - i can't stand it - oh god i want to plunge into you -you and your little blue dress - i am so hard and you are so wet - here - you guide me inside you - oh i'm in you now - do you like it? - we are fucking desperately now -it's hard to control myself - we are fucking so fast and i am really rocking right into you baby - oh - this is the deepest inside you i have ever been - oh - a few minutes of this and i don't think i can control myself - wait - i have to stop before it's too late -

now i am motionless inside you - perfectly motionless - trying to get control of myself - can you feel my stiff cock throbbing inside you - we are totally still except for the little throbbing motions inside you - your dress is still sparkling in the dim light - now i am ready to continue - now slowly and incredibly stiff - do you like that motion mt? what does it feel like?-mmmm this is the best! - oh you are getting a crazy look in your eyes - i can tell how much you love it - oh we are both moaning now -and i am driving into you with these slow long strokes - now you are wrapping your legs around me - you are so wet -

now you are setting the rhythm - oh - you are right at the brink and so am i - just a few more strokes now - oh god you are coming now - your pussy is contracting hard on me - oh it is to late for us my love - i am totally shooting inside you - can you feel me coming? - our lips are locked together and we are grinding our sex together - the feeling is amazing - you are squeezing every drop out of me - my orgasm won't stop - how do you do these wonderful things to me -

let's just lie here a while now - i'm all soft but i'm still moving gently back and forth inside you - and when i finally pull out we are both tingling - now we can cuddle and hold eachother - maybe you should hang up your sexy blue dress - we can sleep naked or you can put on your nightie - i am not going to let go of you all night - thank you for such an amazing night - buenas noches my wonderful lover - sweet dreams - LL

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