what are friends for?  

lustmirror 63M
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6/4/2005 9:23 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

what are friends for?

...three simple words...pretty easy concept to grasp...a process whereby people find other people, close enough to become friends, involving relationships of an adult nature.
...ADULT is easy enough...theoretically that means that you are over eighteen.
...and FINDER is the system...profiles, blogs, e-mails, magazine articles...all avenues to display facets of who you are, and in return, gather glimpses of others who may interest you.
...the word that gets a bit muddy is...
...there will always be people of a predatory nature when it comes to sex. The drive is deep and prehistoric, and is prevelant whether respect is understood or not. I see that there are the normal complaints on this site... about contacts that defy the explanations in one's profile ( no men please ). There are married people on the sly, but not open about it( if your relationship is not open, I'm not open to it. ). There are "females" who are actually males, communicating with males, who believe they're getting hot with a female. There are people who set up meetings, and don't show...maybe it's nerves, maybe the cover story just wouldn't play any further.
.....I've been to other sites...they didn't have the success at a sense of community that I feel here. Maybe they have evolved by now, maybe this is the edge of the development of the technology. But on other chat sites, it was mostly junior high school level communication, and completely disconnected. Like the old party chat phone lines, where you spoke between the beeps, to people you had no idea about who they were.... ...and always the selective process of "IM me"
...anonymous fantasy...sure. If everybody is anteing the same amount, no harm, no foul.
...but what if...someone were actually charting and mapping personalities, stalking, studying, and actually pitting one against another. If a "personality" was there, and you interacted, honestly...how would you feel to find out that the opening of your feelings was a game for someone convinced about their own cleverness and invisibility? Would you be hurt to discover, even though all your responses were exactly as they would ever be, would it anger you to find out that it had all been a game?
...I know there are disappointments to dating, of any kind. There is the picture we build at the beginning that just can't be accurate...more hope than fact. There is the "no", ...never good, not even if it is the best answer, and we know it.
...but what if the frat boys were all behind bold Joe, as he flirts with the older woman at the end of bar...He smiles, he's charming...he asks if she's ever considered going braless...
...she is flattered, she opens up, smiles wide, as he knew she would...
..."Do you think I should?", beaming, eyes shining...
...he looks her in the eyes, his growing darker...and he says
..."Yeah. Maybe if you did, it would pull some of the wrinkles from your face"
...and the slam was the whole point. To set someone up, vulnerable and hopeful, and then deflate them as loudly as possible.
...If you knew, or even suspected that someone was a wolf in sheeps clothing....
...what would you do?

keithcancook 60M
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6/7/2005 12:22 pm

This is excellent writing lustmirror. Well done, and thank you!

What would I do? I would ignore it and hope it went away. It takes two to play most of these games. I would be pissed certainly, but I also would not spend any more time on that person.


6/7/2005 12:24 pm

Very well written post, really makes you stop and think .

mi_mwpm 51M

6/7/2005 4:31 pm

Forunately, I haven't run across anyone who's been the wolf in sheep's clothing... although I'm sure if I hange around here long enough it's bound to happen. If the situation does occur, I'd simply try to quit dealing with that person in any way.

On an unrelated note... since the site doesn't give me the opportunity to comment on a blog's title and/or description... I'd argue that not even the first domino gets to fall. It's reacting to whatever pushed it, whether that be a finger or the wind.

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