the eye of the storm  

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the eye of the storm

.....I've been riveted by the reports from New Orleans. It's a city I have visited, and I recognize its intrinsic character, and also its intrinsic darker side. It is with this familiarity that I process the news reports that I'm seeing. And I'm struck by how many different news services have the same clips. My impression is that the area was so untenable, that if you did have a crew there, shooting, that planning what you would get was completely out of the realm of possibility. I found the same clips on CBN-
Pat Robertson's 700 Club, BBC, on their U.S. version broadcast news via PBS, and NBC's Today show. There was a man, in a yellow shirt, that had lost his wife, literally lost her hand, the grip of her hand, in the water's surge...the image both revealing, and encapsulating. Another image that was universally reproduced was the helicopter
basket lift of a large woman. I have a screen on all day, but don't roam that much between the eight choices I have to pick from. Is this level of repetition aimed at a less attending audience, yet familiar to large number, with differing attention expanses?
.....The sources I saw were all free, or antenae based television. Actually technology has changed that. There is now 'satellite', there is now 'cable', and then there is 'terrestrial'. Glad to know that I am hooked to a system, by definition, that is hooked to the planet. Anyway, these stations are as far apart, polemically, as I could struggle to devise. And yet, the very same clips, not just the same subject, and matter, are prominent on all of their broadcasts. (Then there was Rush, on Monday, claiming that the media was all 'doom and gloom' about this, as they are about everything. Blasted liberal media, you just watch, they'll blame the government about this...)
.....The media, for good or bad, is perceived by us, to be our eyes on the ground. We 'see' what they say we see. We may bitch about a slant, but we take what we watch,and tell ourselves that we have seen the situation. Yet, the actual 'eyes' that saw, and lived through THIS storm are just now being reached. There have been reports of
what happened inside the Superdome...and reports that those reports affected local emergency crews' attitudes toward response. There have been reports of looting, and of , and scavenger level survival....there were reports of shots fired at a helicopter, and yet, the President chose to enter the area in one.
.....When these survivors make it out, tomorrow, the next day, will we hear from them? Or will it be months from now, when the collective attenuation toward the assimilatable images have made their decision? Whatever the experiences of these people are, they won't be pretty. People were stuck in areas that they were directed
towards, which indeed, spared them the wrath of the storm, but for five days, were a small statehood of abandoned people. We could 'see' them but could not establish
relations with them...left without drinkable water, food, medicine, or order. The length of time is unfathomable. Have you ever waited for something for five days? Even if it only took a few minutes a dozen times a excruciatingly frustrating...that e-mail response, or the repayment of a loan, or the reassurance from someone of intention. But what if 'waiting' was every single second of those five days? If every waking moment was in technicolor, and surroud sound, can't walk away from this.

We haven't 'seen' that yet. I'm waiting.
.....Before it's news, professionals are coached as to what to say. After it's news, professionals are coached in how to come into contact with it. There is a value placed on each cut of the truth, before it is placed on the scale. In fact, the 'weight' of the scale, its reading, supplants the random submission of the retelling of accounts. There might always be a 'greater good'.
.....So, a whole network of communities is transplanted with nothing, with no physical paperwork to prove themselves, no way to approach and asess what was, and unable to remain immune from what always is...providing for one's self...
.....And as those that can, and always and decide, the new slice of this pie, that will determine which new idea that will shape the future...
.....Somehow, we can't all seem to respond to an event of nature, of excruciatingly human nature, and intuitively realize our sameness, by looking over, in motion, and seeing each other...

.....I am reminded of many lyrics this week...fitting for a city of...of...really of music...but on this particular rant, I choose...

....."Wake up to find out
.....that you are the eyes of the world."

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