paint be saved...the hooligans are at it again...  

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10/3/2005 3:33 pm

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paint be saved...the hooligans are at it again...

.....I checked in today, seeing if anyone visited, even though I haven't been denoting the time to my blog like I should...and I always check to see who visited, through the front door, so to speak.
.....It turns out that someone did, and I was further tickled to see it was someone from around here. Well, tickled just because it raises the bar between posted ethereal pleasantries, and the shuddering reality of home based folk...
.....It turns out that she is so close to where I am, that her urban experience is at times overwhelming, intimidating, and potentially dangerous.
.....St. Louis is not a city, but rather a large town, and parts...hell...all of downtown was deserted in the 60's due to white flight. Only now are some of these areas beginning to build back. To give an example of just how entrenched this divide is, we, the city proper, are only about 45 per cent of a complete circle, the rest being East St. Louis, a black, economically challenged area, and we...the other side now drive west as far as a hundred miles one way to 'solve' our problem. well....before gas prices got so....self-conscious.
.....anyway, the area is rife with strife, and kids patrol their turf as kids will, but there is the sense, and prevelance of firearms, that make you wonder if you were shot, if the heart rate of the shooter would even change. Once I was asked for a light, and then sucker punched. It dazed me a bit, well, more than a bit, as I had been having a few Saturday afternoon cocktails, but it didn't cause me to fall. I found out later, that a gang initiation sometimes requires a recruit to knock someone down with one punch. If they fail, they are beaten by the gang. Small consolation, but I did root for that...
.....There is much talk of development in areas around the Landing, and the near North side. That could involve me, if it doesn't go Emminent Domain, which seems to be a popular political hat dance these days. Anyway, to my neighbor to the south, I say 'best wishes, hold tight, and don't let the bastards get you down. A dog is a good idea....I have five...but the further north you go...the goll durn luvlier it fuckin' gets.
.....I was moved to respond to this woman's blog, but she has , and probably wisely, not allowed comments.
.....too bad that bad things happen to really interesting just shuts them down sooner or later...

"I can't help," said the conductor,
"I'm just working for a living,
But I sure agree with you."
"For the nickels and the dimes you'll be spending in Boston
You'd be better off in Timbuktu."

CharlieOnTheMTA_ 47F

10/6/2005 4:07 pm

well thanks darlin. and just so you know, i've always been a city person, regarless of what city i live in at the time. i believe in family owned restaurants, bakeries, grocers, the ice cream store up the block. and knowing who surrounds you, your local patrols and parish priests. i dispise the walmarts of the world. i did a brief stint in brentwood forest before i ran back to the safety of my city. i'm in my neighborhood because the investment will allow me to bring an old house back to life one day in a different the city of course... thanks for reading. oh, and i now allow comments...

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