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here is the is the up the doors...

Growing up in the MidWest has always had its benefits. I think that experiencing the four seasons in all their glory, instinctively prepares one to accept what is, and

realize that it isn't permanent. In fact, the weather here is so temperamental, that it is common to hear someone from St. Louis remark, "If you don't like the weather here,

stick'll change, any time now...". (..of course, we also say..."It's not the heat, it's the humidity...", and that is pure crap. It IS the heat, ...)
.....Another benefit, is that fads don't usually start here. Oh we jump on the band wagon sooner or later, usually after a 'test of time' ...and always after the Coasts. I take

great pleasure, when I am teased about this, in pointing out 'events' like Jim Jones, or the comet watchers...that didn't happen here. Some fads just don't travel well.
.....Well, lately, the news is bearing a little of this local pride out. Maplewood, MO, in St. Louis County, has declared itself 'emminant domain' free. Sunset Hills, MO, on

the other hand, has found the better part of a neighborhood packed, moved, kids relocated to other schools, only to find out that the funding for the commercial project wasn't

secured. Now the neighborhood is destroyed, and any moves taken so far were premature. Suddenly hundreds of people are in limbo. And the developers say they are still

working on it...
.....Another local issue of concern is the practice of putting cell phone towers in, or on the steeples of churches. Now from the point of view of engineers working for the

providers, this is a perfect solution. In the city, there is a church every few blocks, and in the county they are prevelant enough to secure a strong, working grid. But

parishoners are concerned. Just what are we getting into? What are the dangers? They are told that there are no studies that show any danger from the proximity of the

energy eminating from these towers. (Well, not yet...) That means that there aren't any studies that show that the towers don't cause any harm. To put this in focus, Agent

Orange is still not "officially" bad... high density power lines are still not "officially" warming is still not "officially" happening...the fuel emissions requirements

from 1972 are still not 'officially' implemented...
..........I have been in construction in years past, and so, whenever I am around tradesmen, I have the luxury of familiar speech rhythms. On one occasion, a group was just

agog over the process of building a steeple that incorporated just such a tower. Evidently the juice inherent in the system is substantial enough, that no one but the

electricians were allowed near it when it came time to power it up. I've been near electicians installing some pretty hot service to commercial buildings, with no 'clear

.....So it gets my warranty voided mind wondering...
.....The design of Church has been a "high science" for over a thousand years...from the Normans, through the Gothic, to the present...always incorporating form, function

and symbolism. The absolute epitomy of Architecture is evidenced by the churches and cathedrals of centuries past. The materials and shape gave depth to the chanting

and intonations that reverberated through the parishoners. Feeling the vibrations of group, human sound is deeply moving, and coercive. In modern structures, the

P.A.system has provided the big voice, but those old churches still have that tone, that hum, the sounds that make you FEEL like your in church.
.....We sit, stand kneel, and bow our heads in a collective autonomy. We hone our individualistic selves into a stronger, truer whole, a community of spirit. We close our

eyes, and aim our bowed heads toward the message eminating from the chancel. We open ourselves to input, and through repetition, reaffirmation.
.....Are we poluting that data stream? In a state of complete reception, are we filtered from the commercial transfer station of signals radiating above us? Technology is

constantly leap-frogging itself, so in what context will these airwaves be transmitting in the near future?
.....As a child, I remember men could NOT wear hats in church, and women had to. Probably some ancient device to keep some of that Divine interpretation from reaching

the softer enfolds of the motherhood brain. Will it be permissable, now, to cover the male dome during service? If a doctor prescribes, might a patient with an implant,

whether pace maker, or some yet to be designed electronic monitoring brain enabler, be allowed to wear headgear equipped with ionization indicators? Will certain

technologies be extinct, because they will misfire in the micro-wave universe of cell-ibacy? Will this affect animals? Will seeing eye dogs no longer perform? Will the birds

fly south....for good? Will weather bounce about on the grid?
.....and, in the most devious of paranoias, might the message system become themessenger? If it were possible to subtonally reaffirm the basic tenets of cooperation,

would you elect to utilize it? Would someone else? Instead of 'What's the frequency Kenneth?' it may become...
.....maybe if churches had corporate sponsors, with signage across their structures, they could realize that revenue stream. It mwould be a bit more obtrusive, but at least it

would be passive....and obvious.

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