friends at risk  

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6/2/2005 4:13 pm

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friends at risk

A group of us got together last night to play the boardgame "Risk". If you're not familiar, it is a game where the object is to conquer the world, and it is accomplished by making shallow allegiances, with very short term pacts, and partnerships. Deception and betrayal are absolutely an essential aspect of the game. We settled in, each with his or her preferred adult beverage, and of course we have our resident recovering alchoholic. If you ever want someone focussed in their quest for world domination, watch out for twelve steppers....ruthless....and it helps that as the night rolls on, they are (unfairly) a bit more retentive. The game takes hours, and how we decided to play well into the early morning hours of a weeknight is beyond me. Oh, another tip about Risk.....yellow, out of Australia....just mass 'em up, and move 'em out....okay, yellow doesn't really matter...
.....Through the night, plenty of chatter, and I'm not sure how we got on this subject, but we found ourselves deeply involved in a , well, I'll just say that we politely DEBATED the subject of criminal deviant behaviour. (I say debate, but the occassional.."you stupid fuck!" was offered) We were at odds about the phenomenon of the criminal who WANTS to get caught. Some accepted this as matter of fact, I suggested that the only one's I was aware of, were low level, on the street criminals, that seem to invariably get caught as winter sets in. Three hots 'n a cot, and indoors. Okay, not all the meals are hot...okay, they're not really "meals"...but they ARE inside for winter, which is a real event in the Midwest.
.....But a couple of the players went on at length about criminals who feel the need to be caught, their specific nature in which pieces of information get left behind, like bread crumbs, We offered back that maybe the criminal is gambling that he (or she ) is that smart, smart enough to play "cat and mouse" with the law, and escape, a thrill... Yet these two felt in unison, that no, this criminal both consciously and subconsciously will not achieve satisfaction, except when their actions lead to capture. Without capture, the crime, and so the criminal never happened.
.....There is possibly some sway to this, I guess...not quite convinced as yet, I mean, I feel that self-determination, on whatever level, designs us to strive for preservation, and not surrender.
.....these two proposed a scenario where there is a larger stage, the stage of "real news" events, and that the "crowning" moment is when the criminal's endeavors are brought to light. The actions, deemed ingenious by the doer, need to be witnessed, by the law enforcement that investigated the case, to the news that broadcst it, and presumably, the crime will be generally recognized as "beautiful" in some way, bestowing the guilty with the mantle of accomplishment.
.....pretty heady say you?????
...lurking genius, waiting revelation?
...or abberrant criminal behavior, short circuited social misfit, headed for self-destruct?
.....YOU make the calllllll......

lustmirror 63M
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6/2/2005 6:47 pm

interesting....I was "fnord"ed again.....tsk tsk tsk

mi_mwpm 51M

6/5/2005 8:14 am

LM, we can never play Risk against each other... we have the same strategy.

I'm somewhere in between your players opinions on those who leave clues behind intentionally. I'm not so sure they want to get caught, but they definitely feel they're too smart for the police. They want the attention those clues bring them too. They get news coverage and a catchy nickname out of the deal. It's ego, with a possible touch of self-destruction.

keithcancook 60M
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6/7/2005 8:04 pm

The call is it is a little bit of all of those things. The real question here is

Did the Australian Maneuver work? I always liked coming out of S.America. It is almost as secure as Australia, and you can screw around with almost everyone. (except the one attempting the Australian Maneuver).

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