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.....I can remember hearing news reports a few years back,of a golf fan, in the gallery, yelling out for his favorite player, after many shots...
"yoo dah mahnnnnnnn....................."
.....At the time, it was newsworthy because golf is such a hush-hush sport. Mark Twain called it a good walk ruined, but that's beside the point.

Everyone accepted the sports venacular,... that the cat-caller was indeed claiming that the golfer of note was THE man...of the minute, of the hour,

of the day, whatever....
.....But was he? There is a word, a single word, very tonally and sonically symetrical to what we heard. Might the heckle and jeckler been saying


A noun
1 eudemon, eudaemon, good_spirit
a benevolent spirit
Category Tree:
psychological >feature
>cognition; knowledge; noesis
>content; cognitive_content; mental_object
>spiritual_being; supernatural_being
>guardian_spirit; guardian_angel
>eudemon, eudaemon, good_spirit

A adjective
1 eudemonic, eudaemonic
producing happiness and well-being

.....often, we carry with us for years, little imaginary friends conceived of lyrics that only we heard. They fit quite nicely, and shape further

constructs...but truth be known, we never quite heard what we thought we did. Later, once the actual lyrics are learned we laugh as our

interpretations fall flat on the flloor, revealing possibly more than we are ready to see, about ourselves at that previous time. Granted, this

scenario is based on a time when lyrics were discernable...but it still happens.
.....Golf is a very superstitious game. Many have their lucky shirt, or hat; that particular water hole ball, or club. Might this manic supporter have

been atttempting to summon some larger aspect to the game? Is it possible that he longed to see, maybe did in fact see, a certain

personification, a perfection in this particular player?
.....Or maybe this guy was much more devious. There has been a project in the works for five years now, a particular studio recording project.

Could it be that this guy was not a golf fanatic, but rather someone who realized an opportunity to play with the empty space, and Irish whisper that

most subtle of coercions...
.....Utilizing the Zen of the musician he promotes, and realizing that the silence is what sets the notes, and in fact the silences are notes

themselves...a place of import in the transcendent ethereal geography of composition, this alchemist has chosen the green grass reverence of

golf to support his theme. Would that single line of delivery have held time, if offered amid the maelstrom of notes of another sporting event, like

say, football, or soccer? Most definitely not. It is the silence that delivers the attentive higher ground. It is always Silent, the Night before

.....This must be one patient manipulator, as the project has only just now been completed. How insidious an individual to plant seeds so far in

advance of the harvest. I wonder, does he expect anyone to remember, or does he play with the collective nature of memory, and instead
expect the assimilated data to recognize this 'new' thing as just another one of its own.
.....Interestingly, both golf and SKB are big in Japan. Incredible! With marketing this cerebral, do we really want to turn the G-nome loose?

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